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New Simulator on the market VirtualPilot3d.

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  • New Simulator on the market VirtualPilot3d.

    Hello to you all i was sent an email about a new Simulator .It is at this web site , look into it and tell me what you think . for more videos check them out on Youtube.

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    It looks sort of like a scam to me. It is basically FSX with some extras from what I was seeing.


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      It's probably a fine simulator BUT... the promotion you linked to turns me off right away. The disparagement of existing simulators without reference to by-brand-name comparisons caused me to be suspicious immediately. The quoted reviewers too often refer to the sim as a game, a big no-no in our world. I felt there was too much of the "hurry, act now" and "but wait-there's more!" vein of advertising. I'll research this offering over the next few days on opinionated sites we all know and that I trust and report back further to your query, PR. Thanks for asking for our opinions.

      Edit, like 5 minutes later. It is a scam as Travis says. Here is a quote from a site I trust that encapsulates what this offering actually is:

      " It is the open source Flight Gear software. Flight Gear open license allows other companies to modify, repackage and sell this software. "
      Respects, Bob ...


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        I didn't do too much research. I was excited to see, but then disappointment. There is hardly any information/youtube videos out there on it. The proof is in the pudding. Thank you for keeping us up to date PR, unfortunately it turned out to be something that may tarnish the flight sim community(a little at most). And what Bob said was how I felt, just wasn't interested in writing a bunch at the time. The hurry, we are raising the prices soon is usually a scam tactic. Not that you will be paying for nothing, but compared to what we have you likely will. It might get thrown off the market for illegally distributing other authors content such as captain sim c-130 unless they were falsifying those images too. Anyway, a big DON"T BUY from me. : (

        In other news, an up and coming program/sim "Deadstick Simulator" a bush flying simulator is probably not too far away from early access(maybe less than a year I think) is something to look forward too. It is more of a DCS type simulator where you will not have a whole world to fly in. The starting location is actually fictional. Other aspects of the program look great, and it doesn't look like a cash grab like Dovetail was. It won't be for everyone I am sure, but may be something to add to our community's many host of sims. Multiplayer will be a thing too at some point. Real world locations are planned to be released and will likely be payware. More information and past live streams below if you are interested.


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          Sadly this is a known scam.

          It is actually Flight Gear, an open source freeware flight sim that has been around for many years. This scam pops up every few years, gets peoples money and delivers a burnt cd copy of the 2GB download.

          The sim itself has its issues but some of the dev branches are interesting. If you are interested in learning more, the original and Free software can be found here:

          **Edit: Just saw Bob's edit, he beat me to the punch line **
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            Just clicked the link today..... 84 likes, one comment..
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