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  • Novawing24
    Welcome to our little corner of virtual airspace Mada500.

    We nominally run an FSX Steam Edition server, however due to the operator of it being in the middle of moving states it is currently offline.

    There are several that are nominally available from other communities. However you may wish to turn your attention to a program called JoinFS. This program has become widely adopted by many virtual aviation communities as a way to allow multiple sims to fly together.

    Safe skies


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  • Mada500
    started a topic Im new

    Im new

    Hello Iíve been looking for a 24/7 fsx multiplayer server and I was told their was one here just wondering if itís a good one because Iíve been taking more flight classes lately in my local Royal Canadian Air Cadet squadron and Iím getting back into FSX and sim flying
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