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2 years, lol.

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  • 2 years, lol.

    One day I went back home from a day at school, anf after completing my homework, I thought of joining a discord server. I found a GTAV server, and after some time I thought of making alts because I thought it would be fun. So off I went for my email account, and when I registered that email, to my surprise, it was actually registered!

    Recovered my password, and I found something of a relic from my past. The discord account's name was 'DumbPilot#5070', and when I scrolled through the DMs, I saw some members from msFS, and I left it there for quite some time.

    I then checked all my DM history, and I found that I was banned from their server, courtesy to my hyperactive thirteen year old self. And here I am after two years, and I see the changes in this community and myself, I just wanted to thank all of you guys for giving me a taste of friendship, however long it lasted.

    I now actually laugh at this time span, and how things change.

    Yours truly,

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