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Drivers for Saitek Radio Panel in Win XP for FSX

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  • Drivers for Saitek Radio Panel in Win XP for FSX

    HELP! I would be grateful if anyone who has the installation CD or drivers for Saitek's radio panel for Windows XP 32bit in FSX let me know. I contacted Logitech support and they told me they don't have the CD anymore and that they don't have the XP drivers anymore. I tried finding Saitek's customer support email, but they all seem to point to Logitech now. I plan on changing the OS to Win 7, but not right away, and would love to have the panel working in XP. I've installed SPAD, and it shows everything works, but it doesn't. Any help would be really appreciated.


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    First, if you're planning on moving past XP just move to Win10, not Win7. I'm still using Win7 and even I am having to seriously consider moving to Win10. Second, check ThePirateBay. I doubt that is there but it might be. Finally check the internet. I seem to recall a website that specialized in storing old drivers.


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      I have some unopened Saitek CD's that I will check out at the weekend if you have not found what you are after.
      One of them should be from my radio panel.

      When you move to Win7(64bit) or 10 check out SPAD.neXt. No Saitek or Logitech drivers need SPAD.neXt supports the lot for you.
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