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Basic/Advanced Aviation Training Devices -- Simulators

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  • Wingman
    From your analysis, it sure sounds like it! Just imagine; you could actually recoup the costs involved in putting all that together by renting it out for a few hours a week.

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  • Oz-Flyer
    Now let see I have Saitek products:

    BATD must have physical controls for the:

    master switch, Yes
    mags, Yes
    alternator, Yes
    fuel pumps, Yes
    avionics master, Yes
    pitot heat Yes
    exterior lights Yes

    It has to have physical controls that include:

    self-centering yoke/stick Yes (Have both Yoke and Stick)
    rudders Yes
    throttle, mixture, prop Yes to each.

    So if I lived in the USA do I have a BATD?

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  • Wingman
    started a topic Basic/Advanced Aviation Training Devices -- Simulators

    Basic/Advanced Aviation Training Devices -- Simulators

    Here's another article I found interesting... it helped re-shape my understanding of what the differences would be between typical home flight sim setups and an FAA-approved "Basic Aviation Training Device" on which a pilot can be credited for training hours.

    The difference is wider than I initially thought!

    Bonus: the article starts off implying that this is just the first in what will be a series of articles about "personal flight simulators." Looking forward to the next one!
    To start our new series on personal flight simulators, we go into the basics: What we consider to be a personal flight simulator; and what level of sim is required to be able to use the time operating it for credit toward a rating and keeping an instrument rating current.
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