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Rest in peace, Stephen Hawking

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  • Rest in peace, Stephen Hawking

    The saddest of news to me tonight on the passing of a beautiful mind.
    Respects, Bob ...

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    200 or so Stephen Hawking quotes. He was 76 years old when he died - on Einstein's birthday, which is also "Pi Day" (as 3.14 is approximately equal to π) - obviously a mathematician to the end! Einstein was also 76 when he died.


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      Sad. He seemed like he'd go on forever.


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        How appropriate since PI is a transcendental number. IMHO each person's reality is a construct of their mind, so I wonder what his reality was? He was indeed a rare person.

        "Having fun with friends! "


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          Yup definitely sad news.
          For those who haven't seen it, "The Theory of Everything" is a cracking film to watch.
          It gave me an insight into his life.

          Another is "The Imitation Game" about Alan Turing and the Enigma Code.
          If you don't use BOINC or World Community Grid then you should!


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            Rest in peace Mr Hawkins...

            Also I am suspending MSFLIGHTS Discord indefinitely until I get a psyche evaluation from the head shrink... It is nothing did... but I do suffer from major depression, anxiety, and mood swings. I am going to seek out medical attention for this and will catch you all later. (Returning when I am better, healed and more stable)

            For now take care.

            MM3 N.A Miller, USN Ret.
            (Protected Veteran/Gentleman Writer)


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