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  • Realistic Flight Training Events

    Hello msFlights community!

    I was considering starting a weekly or bi-weekly group "flight" on Monday nights (starting around 6pm-9pm eastern) , which would include structured lessons from real world lessons and experiences I have received. This community has given me a lot, and I would like to give back.

    To teach flight simmers how to properly prepare for a real world type flight and then practice by executing the plan.

    Desired achievements: Teach "students" how to...
    Better understanding of real world aviation
    Use new tools that are free to use to plan a flight
    Practice maneuvers and flights required for PPL
    Learn proper procedures and practices for general aviation
    & more

    It will be highly based on private pilot training from a part 141 structure including ground instruction.

    Things to consider:
    This will require some dedication.
    I am not an expert, I may not have all the answers, but I am willing to try to find out. I will probably learn new things too!
    This is not a formal training of any kind, but I can guarantee you will learn something.

    Other real world pilots, past or present, are welcome to join! One thing I ask is to try not to interrupt right away if you feel something I said was wrong. It very well could have been wrong, but it can be discussed at a more appropriate time and can always be acknowledged in the next lesson/flight. (Another words, feel free to mention something, but it should not turn into a discussion.)

    Please fill out the Poll.

    Post below if you have more thoughts as well!
    I want to learn more about real world aviation and will dedicate the time to be there.
    I want to learn more, but am unsure I can be there most of the time.
    I want to learn more, but know I cant be there on Monday nights.
    I have no interest, but thank you for offering.

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    For those people that chose "I want to learn more, but am unsure I can be there most of the time," Is there a better day or time you would be available? I want this to be a successful event, having at least 4 people present at each event, and preferably the same people coming back each time. How can I make this work for you?


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      I like the idea Travis!


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        OK then, my friend. If you're willing to provide this aeronautical instruction with the commitment and skill I know you can bring, I'll commit to regular attendance and adequate effort. I need the work, as all of you that fly with me well know. My navigational skills have, for far too long, involved a fixation on the vertical stabilizer of group flight leads.

        Thanks and happy American thanksgiving day.
        Respects, Bob ...


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          Great idea and I hope those that can take it up do.

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          If you don't use BOINC or World Community Grid then you should!


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