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Aero Glass - Is it true?

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  • Aero Glass - Is it true?

    Someone shared this video and don't know if it is true or not?
    Post your Comments & thoughts Below.
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    That looks incredible, I am curious for those of our community at Oshkosh to see what they discover at their stand!

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      Yes it is. I tried them on here, as did LLama. It is kind of odd to get used to, but it is truly incredible.


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        pretty cool, but those look like a lawsuit waiting to happen :disillusionment:


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          It would be a pilot tool only...the pilot would still be responsible for all decisions. And since you can still see through the overlay, I would think it would be safe enough. Being able to see restricted airspace in 3d like cool. Being able to see traffic that your traffic radar has picked up would be awesome. Now what they need to do is make an overlay for Oclular Rift for FSX.


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            As Jakey said, we did see them up at AirVenture. When I put them on, immediately, I found them to be really uncomfortable. The lenses in them are giant and felt like it would hurt your head after about 10mins of wearing them. But, they are very cool!


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              Most proof of concept devices are like that. They are probably looking for financial backing to take it to the next level.


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                Is true, but I would hate to use them in the plane, to much information some time is not good, in those split second of decision making all that junk can take you away from putting the plane back in the ground safely in my own opinion.


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                  ya personally I think it would be more of a distraction to me.


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