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  • Forum and Discord Rules/Guidelines

    Our Forum and Discord rules are extremely simple for all users.

    If one of our staff members feels that you are repeatedly breaking these simple, common-sense rules, you will be subject to removal from the server at that staff member's discretion.

    1. Be courteous of people who are already talking; wait your turn.

    2. DO NOT, under any circumstances, abuse people who are on Discord.

    3. Vulgar/graphic language is allowed, but please be alert of when younger members are in the room; use your best judgement and be courteous of others.

    4. Racist or bigoted behavior or language will not be tolerated.

    5. The group does not condone the usage of cracked software in any format. There is to be no talk of software piracy.

    6. The inability to have a respectful, calm discussion while disagreeing with someone else could be grounds for a temporary ban.

    7. Do not play music or sing without permission from all people in the channel.

    8. If you have to go away from the computer, use the AFK channel.

    9. Please do not come into a channel and be disruptive. If your actions are deemed to be disruptive and someone asks you to stop, please stop.

    10. Do not advertise other servers, teamspeak's, or services on our mediums.
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