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  • Forum and Discord Rules/Guidelines

    Our Voice Server rules are extremely simple for all users.
    If one of our staff members feels that you are repeatedly breaking these simple, common-sense rules, you will be subject to removal from the server at that staff member's discretion.

    1. Be courteous of people who are already talking; wait your turn.

    2. DO NOT, under any circumstances, abuse people who are on Discord.

    3. Vulgar/graphic language is allowed, but please be alert of when younger members are in the room; use your best judgement and be courteous of others.

    4. Racist or homophobic behavior or language will not be tolerated.

    5. The group does not condone the usage of cracked software in any format. There is to be no talk of software piracy.

    6. The inability to have a respectful, calm discussion while disagreeing with someone else could be grounds for a set-duration removal from the server.

    7. Do not play music or sing without permission from all people in the channel.

    8. If you have to go away from the computer, use the AFK channel. If your speakers are muted or your microphone is disabled, you will be subject to a forced move to the proper channel.

    9. Please do not come into a channel and be disruptive. If your actions are deemed to be disruptive and someone asks you to stop, please stop.

    10. Do not advertise other servers, teamspeak's, or services et al on our mediums.

    Please check back once a month to refresh your memory and to see if any changes were made.

    -If you're having issues concentrating with discussions going on in the lobby, feel free to move to General Purpose Room(s) to focus on what you're doing .
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    Thank you moderators, WarHawK, all, for these clarifications and documentation of what should be to all of us common civility. Community wide active support for those behaviors you list here is the reason that we all will be successful in the pursuit of a useful and enjoyable TeamSpeak experience.

    Is this thread open for community wide comment and question?

    Again, we all acknowledge and appreciate the considerable effort that went into these TeamSpeak guidlines and expectations.
    Respects, Bob ...


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      No thread like this should ever be closed. It will remain open for fine tuning and suggestions.


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        I would like to add that if your microphone is set to voice activation, please be aware that putting on your headset on or other loud noises in the room with you will come across very loudly to everyone in the teamspeak room. This is highly undesirable. The norm in the server is microphone set to PTT.
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          I'm going to create a server group we can put users into that forces PTT on set user.


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            IMHO, the "right" of voice activation should bring with it the responsibility of total microphone control. Requests by other TeamSpeak members for mic control need to be immediately heeded or, if this control is difficult or inconsistent, push to talk should be voluntarily implemented by the voice activated participant. After reasonable request(s) for mic control that go either unheeded or are not possible to successfully implement, movement to such a PTT enforcement room should be invoked. I personally cannot make voice activation come anywhere near working correctly consistently and I will always push to talk with my boom mic and my external speakers. I agree with this method of mic control by the moderators wholeheartedly.
            Respects, Bob ...


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              I also am with Robert on this the "right" of voice activation should bring with it the responsibility of total microphone control and if they can't then movement to such a PTT enforcement room should be invoked.

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                "your microphone is disabled, you will be subject to a forced move to the proper channel." I can understand a forced move if someone has speakers disabled, but what is the point of moving someone with a disabled mic? Whats the difference between muted or disabled as far as the impact to the TS server and its users?


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                  You already have been explained to what the difference is, and why it's important.


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                    I must have missed it. Please remind me?


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                      Yes I agree this is a great site


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                        If I'm flying but need to be quiet in my house for a bit (ie kids are trying to fall asleep), I'll log in to teamspeak but mute my mic. This is so people know I'm listening for any calls or instructions but I cant talk right now. Is there a better way to do this? Also, people without mics have been invited to log into teamspeak, (4d being a prime example), etc...


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                          Nothing wrong with muting your mic.

                          The particular trigger issue is muting your speakers or disabling your microphone.


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                            for some reason i have been muted on team speak. i do not know why but i would find it helpful to know what i have done wrong for future reference so it does not happen again


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                              i do realize that muting is to maintain some control and a punishment to people who abuse the channel, but i do not know why i was muted and if the reason is shown to me i can make sure it will not happen again, for i try and be as cooperative as possible.


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