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    We appreciate you clarifying and documenting these forum philosophies. While these cautions and advice may seem like common forum sense, it helps to have a thread that puts in print what most of us feel is the right way to run a flight oriented forum like we have here.

    Your advice on intellectual property posts is most welcome and should be further discussed if anyone has questions on this intellectual property subject. The forum is public, can be and is read by anyone and trafficking in any illegal activity will surely reflect on the community that is Discussions of pirated software has, in the past, lead to forums of all sorts being shut down as well as more seriouls problems for those participants involved. Please let's avoid any problems by keeping reference or links to illegal activity off the ecosystem entirely. What one does on their own in regard to this subject is a matter of personal moral philosophy and as such, those personal intellectual property actions are not what is being discussed here. They are a personal issue. Just the public discussion or dissemination of copyrighted works are what is being forbidden with the advice givin in this thread. Thanks, Sound.

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  • Sound
    started a topic Please read this post before posting...

    Please read this post before posting...

    While this forum is not about rules, there are a few we have to deal with.

    Please don't post anything about politics or religion. Those will surely lead to arguments and we don't want any of that around here.

    Everybody's opinion is welcome, so be reasonable when responding to something you disagree with.

    Remember that posts on this forum are moderated, and posts can or will be banned for inappropriate content.

    Do not spam the forum with advertisements. You could be banned.

    Also, while posting a link to a freeware product is okay, posting a link to a pirate site to download a payware product is prohibited, and it will be deleted. It also could result in being banned.

    This community is composed of some great knowledgeable people, so have fun in the forum, and learn a lot!

    **EDIT** PLEASE put your 'N' number or even better use your teamspeak name in your user name. We are having a problem with spammers. I am having a hard time figuring out who is real and who is not. Thank you for your help keeping our site free of trash.
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