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Zibo's free 737-800 mod for X-Plane

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  • Zibo's free 737-800 mod for X-Plane

    I've always found airliners kinda impenetrable - but I had an absolute blast tonight with the (free!) Zibo 737, a checklist, and googling the various avionics theory whenever I came across a button or switch that I didn't understand.

    Kicked the tyres, started the engines (after about 45min of following youtube tutorials and reading around topics), and flew a circuit over KLAS.

    It's fully VR compatible - every button clicks and moves; you can even grab the tiller to steer the nose wheel during taxi (although you need to enable the option through ADVANCED menu on the FMC) and there's HEAPS of documentation around for each of the avionics systems.

    The latest version of the Zibo 737 is here: (free!)

    The checklist is here: (free!)

    As always, I viewed the checklist in VR using AviTab: (free!)

    A 737 captain takes the Zibo mod 737-800 for a flight from Liverpool to Glasgow.

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    Hey Karl - have you checked it out? What did you think?


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      Yes I have. As free airliner's go, it's pretty snazzy.It's definitely one to keep in the hangar for those time when you want to choose a tubeliner.


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