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X-Plane - disabling default C-172 autorudder

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  • X-Plane - disabling default C-172 autorudder

    I have a set of Saitek rudder pedals, and I noticed that auto-rudder seemed to be permanently on in X-Plane v11.20's Cessna 172.

    If like me you have this problem, you can fix this by modifying a single parameter on the 172 using Plane Maker.

    Launch Plane Maker (it's in your X-plane root directory), open the C-172 .acf

    then select the menu tabs Expert, Special Controls

    set 'Rudder with Aileron' to -0.8

    and save!

    If anyone has a better solution to this or insight into what's going on, please let me know.

    *note, if you save your modified Cessna to a new filename such as modfilename.acf, AND you are using VR, then you need to also create an appropriately named _vrconfig.txt file. I just made a copy of the default _vrconfig.txt file and named it accordingly: modfilename_vrconfig.txt
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