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  • X-Plane - VR Aircraft - C-130 Hercules

    Thanks Storm for reminding me there is a free (and with a beautifully modelled exterior) C-130 bundled with X-Plane 11 - just tick the "show aircraft from previous version" dialog box in X-Plane at the aircraft selection screen.

    It only has a 2D cockpit panel - so in my VIVE VR it is not flyable UNLESS you install a 3D cockpit. You can find one here:

    Furthermore, the yoke and other controls cannot be held by the VIVE controllers - you will need either a joystick/other controller or use "Flyinside for X-plane". which currently costs $25 USD.

    Finally, the pilots seated position is also not defined in VR space, so if you fall out of the aircraft using your VR controller, just select View - Cockpit and you should be back in the pilots chair.


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    That 3D cockpit is insufficient to make it work properly. You should download the full fix on when Bob gets access to his MyCloud working again (it goes down periodically; he hosts my hangar).

    The fix includes the 3D cockpit you mention, plus I also made three other changes:
    • I increased the range of deflection on the elevator tab, without which the plane will continue to climb on autopilot even when trying to stay level at cruise speeds.
    • I improved the prop disc texture to make them more realistic.
    • I increased the power of the engines to their published nominal spec (they were underpowered before), without which the C-130 can't keep up on our group flights!
    However, those don't affect any VR problems you have. Either the 3D mod works or it doesn't.


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      Brilliant - thanks for the mods, I'll grab them as soon as Bob's myCloud dusts itself off and gets up and running (?floating) again.

      I'm impressed that you are mod-ing in X-Plane as well....

      Are you using planemaker? I wonder if we can use planemaker to define VR controls. I really love controlling the aircraft with the VIVE controllers only and in an intuitive way (unlike using flyinside) and it's such a simpler setup than dragging a desk and my yoke into the lounge room. It upsets everyone; the cat.. the GF...

      Also - you may want to add a comment to the usual Around the World Aircraft speel to remind X-Planers (?noun) of the C-130 in the back corner of their hanger.


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        Bluejay, youíre very kind! I was using Planemaker, yes, and Photoshop. (I also used Planemaker to get the Piaggio P.180 Avanti ready for these flights. I fly the Avanti more often than the C-130.}

        Itís possible (one can hope) that XP11.20 has included an update to Planemaker to incorporate exactly the VR requirements you describe. I donít know, and couldnít test if it had.

        Short of one small intended extra mod to the Avanti, IĒm currently not intending to take up modding or development again. Ars longa, vita brevis and there are so many non-aviation calls on my time!

        Happy skies!


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          Lessons in updating the X-Plane Hercules to 11.20 and for VR compatibility:

          1. Open the C-130.acf in planemaker, go to standard / panel / 2D and 3D, swap out the incompatible, older, 2D and 3D panel buttons, FMS, and the other couple of bits and pieces with their new equivalents. Save the .acf file. Voila, the plane is now 11.20 compatible.

          2. Generate a C-130_vrconfig.txt file defining the Pilot's seat in VR space. (see link above - and I've included my current C-130_vrlookup.txt below)

          3. Add in the ability to grab the yoke and buttons in VR space. *this may also require using Xplane2Blender, Blender, and commands. Headache has officially begun.

          I've done most of step 1 and step 2. Working on step 3 now.



          AABB -0.81 -0.69 -9.0 -0.26 0.63 -8.2
          PRESET_XYZ -0.50 0.38 -8.5
          PRESET_PSI 0.0
          PRESET_THE 0.0
          PRESET_PHI 0.0


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