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    I recently purchased VSKYLABS DC3 / C-47 for X-Plane 11 because they'd added VR support including the ability to grab the yoke, and various levers, buttons and knobs with the VIVE controllers - which is my preferred mode of flight.

    It's a real treat on my VIVE.

    Doing a preflight walk around the aircraft is a pleasure (I've got a room-scale setup), and once the engines rumbled to life, the compass suspended on occy straps jiggled! You can almost taste the oil in the back of your throat.

    The company is just one guy, a retired pilot, and he's done a great job. He's even managed rain effects for the windshield. I have emailed him asking him to add what X-Plane's Laminar Research refer to as "realistic mode" for grabbing the yoke with the VR controllers - currently it uses "ergonomic mode". I've also asked him to add "latching" - so you don't need to constantly press down the controller trigger to continue using the yoke.

    I know some of you guys really like DC-3's so I hope this is useful.

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    I purchased this a few weeks back because of the VR support, and it is a blast to fly. I also bought the Just Flight Arrow III. It's the closest to A2A that I have come across for X-Plane 11. Just Flight seems to be really going after the study level GA aircraft in X-Plane.


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      Wish I could should this in VR.

      $27.00 US VskyLabs DC-3

      Or F R E E from Aeroworks/Manfred Jahn on


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        Buck and Karl - awesome - and thanks!

        I'll check out the freeware DC3 - I'd heard about the FSX version but missed the X-Plane release. Thanks!!

        Buck - the promo video for the Arrow is incredible - but it seems as if they also have only implemented "Ergonomic" yoke control with VR controllers, and not implemented the "Realistic" yoke control that X-Plane also natively supports. Is that correct?


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          Bluejay, If you haven't already found it here is a link: . I don't know how the VR capabilities compare. The version of the VSkyLabs one that I posted looks like it might be a bit older.

          I love to compare notes with you on your comparison of the two. I also have the Leading Edge DC-3. It's very good. Much tougher to take off and land however.


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            Thanks for that Karl - I'll check it out and get back to you! Do you have any VR suggestions for the Flight around the World Series - I should be able to make it on Thursday..


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              For GA, I use the Carenado C-210, the Carenado Baron 58 or the default 172. The Carenados do not recognize the controllers for the rift. That's okay with me. I prefer the mouse.


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                Hey Karl!

                Both DC-3's are great!

                I wanted to get back to you with flight characteristics as well as what I've written below, like taxiing and flight handling characteristics, top speeds at various altitudes, and stall speed comparisons - I'll do that tomorrow.

                But for now -

                1. Team Manfred has a more detailed cockpit, it's beautiful and atmospheric, and the textures are much better making it easy to read cockpit panel numbers - but there is no jiggling compass (a novelty that somehow brings the Vskylabs DC-3 to life)

                2. The VSkylabs is closer to being VR complete than the Manfred - for example the yoke can be grabbed by my VIVE hand controllers - BUT there is no latching and I can only get it to work in "ergonomic mode". VSkylabs have also defined the VR pilots position in the cockpit so you can always pop your self back in - something you can't do in the Manfred.

                3. I think the Vskylabs sound is "better", it sounds more like a piston engine to me - more of a rumble.

                4. I _think_ the planes do handle differently - but I'll withhold my judgement until tomorrow. I can't fly both using just VR controllers so that's not a fair comparison, and my joystick has hysteresis, so I'll need to hook up my saitek yoke and rudder pedals for the flight handling review.

                5. I quite like having the floats option on the Vskylabs DC3.

                I'm also chatting to the VSkylabs designer to work through the VR issues.



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                  Bluejay: Here are some useful V speeds, tips and other data when flying the Aeroworx C-47 in X-Plane 11:

                  Vgear = 170 kts max
                  VF1 = 134 kts max
                  VF2 = 121 kts max
                  VF3 = 109 kts max
                  VF4 = 97 kts max

                  Vref = 90 kts (heavy) to 80 kts (light)

                  Climb at 36" manifold and 2350 rpm, adjusting attitude to give 112 kts (white tick on ASI).
                  Cruise at 30" manifold and 2050 rpm (typical).
                  Descend at 22" and 2050 rpm.

                  The Aeroworx C-47 is still a work in progress. Write to Johan van Wyk or Fred Stegmann with your comments!

                  Current main cheats:
                  GPS - click on the metal info plate to left of co-pilot's ASI and below Diff, Gage,
                  Autopilot (temporary) - behind captain's yoke and left of transponder.

                  I always fly this on Coast's Casual Friday series.
                  Follow our @msflights Twitter feed here for event reminders. Find out more about how our Twitter feed works here. Freeware aircraft and utilities in


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                    Bluejay, I'll look forward to comparing notes with you on it. Perhaps we can discuss it during Coast's flight on Friday. I know that time frame is a bit challenging for you.


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                      I'll be there!


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