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    Hi all,

    I'm Bluejay -

    I'm interested in exchanging knowledge about optimising flying X-Plane in MSFlights Group Flights (so thanks Kalo and the team for adding this thread).

    I'm also interested in helping people get started with X-Plane in group flights, optimising X-Plane to increase your frame rate, and also keeping up with developments in X-Plane VR.

    I'll aim to keep my posts evidence-based and where appropriate I'll aim to include enough details about my rig and X-Plane version number as appropriate to try and allow inter-experiment reproducibility.

    One of the nice things about X-Plane is that it makes no registry changes and is entirely stand alone. I for example, have 2 copies on my system - 1 to adjust and tweak, and the other as a stable reliable version - there's nothing worse then going to a group flight and then struggling because the latest changes you made has made something else misbehave.

    Here's a few things I've learnt in the last few weeks with X Plane 11.20 Release Candidate 3.

    1. X-Plane 11 is constantly in development and currently pushing out regular beta updates. Here's how to get access to them, and a brief overview of what you are signing up for.

    2. X-Plane have a developers blog - where they communicate what they are working on, and ask for help and suggestions from their developer base. You can find it here:

    3. X-Plane 11 VR is amazing, and a youtuber called Sweviver has gone to a fair bit of effort to document some of his tips and tricks to push up those frame rates for VR - but these apply to X-plane in general. It's accessible to ludites like me and I encourage you to listen or watch it if you are keen for a good overview on optimisation. You can find it here:

    He talks about
    Overclocking your CPU
    Overclocking your GPU
    Using your manufacturers' GPU management software to optimise X-Plane
    Using your VR headsets management software to optimise X-Plane
    CPU Processors and threads management software
    X-Plane 11 settings in the main configuration
    X-Plane 11 settings accessible through the scripting language using libraries and plug-ins

    The end result is he manages to double his frame rates albeit with some compromises.

    4. X-Plane has a scripting language! Some developers/users use scripts to change parameters in X-Plane 11 that are not otherwise readily available in order to increase frames.
    Check out the script 3jFPS-wizard.lua. Its requires FlyWithLua a scripting plug-in, coupled with the extension library of commands 3jlib1.

    Fly with Lua:

    Script Extension library:


    Installation instructions for all three above can be found at the 3jFPS-wizard link.

    Cheers for now!

    keywords: xplane
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