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LM posted notes on 2.2

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  • LM posted notes on 2.2

    Lockheed posted some notes today on 2.2. Check it out here:

    Some highlights:
    • Autogen out of memory crashes
    • The inclusion of the v2.1 panels ‘hotfix’ that reverted changes to the ContentErrorLogging system that caused previously compatible aircraft to not work
    • New cloud shadows feature as well as several new shadow system optimizations
    • A new sample for the Prepar3D Development Kit (PDK) API – Oculus Rift integration
    • Native radar support for Prepar3D developers
    • A redesign and refactor of the legacy Flight Recorder system
    • A new FlightInstructor mode for SimDirector, as well as several other SimDirector enhancements
    • Resolved an issue where force feedback joysticks would not continue to rumble after an initial vehicle crash
    • Resolved a backwards compatibility issue where DTX 5 vegetation would flicker in several Orbx addons
    • Resolved a backwards compatibility issue with the airport lighting at Aerosoft airport addons
    • Resolved an issue where aircraft labels were not being drawn at the distance that was expected
    • Resolved an issue where ground visibility was limited to 50 miles
    • Resolved a crash where constantly spamming the pause and unpause in certain addon aircraft could crash the Prepar3D sound system
    • Resolved an issue where AI aircraft could swap texture sets
    • Resolved an issue certain stock airports were not rendering their taxiways
    • Resolved an issue where the modeling tools would not respond to EventID and CallbackJumpDragging tags

    The big one for me will be fixing the OOM's, so this part was awesome:
    Autogen Re-Architecture

    The instancing system for trees was given a massive overhaul to improve memory usage and performance and to reduce stutters. The system (VAS) memory footprint per tree was reduced from 276 bytes to 16 bytes (that is a 17x reduction in system memory per tree). Some of the work previously done each frame was completely eliminated while other work was reduced or moved onto background threads and the GPU (graphics card).

    Visually, trees can now LOD (Level of Detail) in progressively while still scaling in to prevent popping. Random rotation of trees was also fixed which means that trees will be more varied looking and will again load in at the full density near the camera.

    The picture below details the changes made to the autogen system in Prepar3D v2.2. The red to yellow effect shows the trees progressively loading and scaling in. System memory usage is displayed to show the autogen memory has been reduced 17x. A max autogen default flight has had it’s system memory reduced by over 550 megabytes.
    I'm also looking forward to the cloud shadows... hopefully it's not too much of a hit. And that new recorder sounds great. Built in radar will be cool. I think of all the planes I have with it, and some of the bugs with that. Having it standard will be nice. And hooray, nametags are finally fixed!

    I'm eagerly looking forward to this patch!
    - Michael
    Check out my cockpit build!

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    Thanks for the update. I have P3D but haven't been keeping up with their forums. Like to see these feeds of news...


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      Thanks, Waterman. I did previously read this because I scan daily. If, indeed, this fixes out of memory error problem, I'll strongly consider bringing back a P3Dv2 server full time at my residence (BigBox). You know I want this to gain traction and take off but the road so far has been full of dashed hopes and false starts. I personally continue to hold out hope for P3Dv2 as a multiplayer platform. Karl has been extremely knowledgeable, informative and encouraging with regards to the possibilities of P3Dv2 multiplayer and I value all your counsel to me on this.
      Respects, Bob ...


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        The OOM's have been the killer for me, making it very tough to use. If this patch works as is currently being discussed, it would fix most of my problems! (Then I just need the rest of my Orbx regions updated! )
        - Michael
        Check out my cockpit build!


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          I've loved these screenshots from Orbx with 2.2.... This will be awesome! (All from the preview screenshot forum)
          11S Sekiu:

          Pacific Northwest:

          and finally, YMML Melbourne:

          That is awesome. I'm excited as I already own Melbourne. I'm really going to have to buy 11S though.
          - Michael
          Check out my cockpit build!


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            Yes....fix for OOM...yeah! I have my veggie autogen turned down half way and I have not had any more OOM's, but the landscape is a little barren.


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