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  • Graphics driver - NVIDIA

    BTW NVIDIA have a NEW driver 334.89

    7% increase in performance 700 series cards up for BIOSHOCK which is the DX11 antialiasing compatibility you need for P3D. See NVIDIA Inspector.

    Note a clean install will loose any previous profiles BUT you only could use the above tweak for P3D anyway.

    Seems all the companies are SYNCING up for P3Dv2.1

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    I updated to 334.89 just now, Bob, and as yet have not explored it's effect. The BIOSHOCK tip intrigued me and that, too, I will invoke and test. Please keep these tips coming as we are following your guidance. You have our collective gratitude. We request as detailed an explanation here in forum as you may have time to share with us. If you can put in print in our forum any small portion of the voluminous guidance you have shared with us verbally on TeamSpeak recently then our community, the simming world collectively and all independent P3D using pilots will further benefit.
    Respects, Bob ...


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      Hey, just passing on what I stumble across by reading......

      The "simming world" get the same alerts I do Bob !!



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