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    oops, affinity mask now back on - lol

    See this extract from a post I made on the P3D forum:

    Has anyone set the affinity in P3D cfg FOR ALL CORES and then checked to see what task manager thinks the affinity is????

    ah, JUST DONE THIS MYSELF - very interesting.....

    IF you set affinity mask to 4095 for six cores you get task manager to show all 12 (inc. hyperthreads) as being ON. See below and just add up all the numbers relating to the cores you want it seems. All the numbers = 4095 and P3D wizzes along with no issues elsewhere.

    SOLVED FOR MEEEE and you if you have 6 cores that is.

    On the same basis for all cores (inc. hyperthreading) for a 4 core machine you should perhaps use 255 all 8 active in task manager.

    Here is a copy from a post from elsewhere:

    0 1 (first physical core)
    1 2 (first logical core)
    2 4 (2nd physical core)
    3 8 (2nd logical core)
    4 16 (3rd physical ...
    5 32
    6 64
    7 128
    8 256
    9 512
    10 1024
    11 2048

    So: 4 + 16 + 64 + 256 + 1024 = 1364 (the last 5 physical cores of a hex core)

    The above is a good table to work out what values you want to use. Makes the maths quite easy too - just add the values together of the cores you want to enable


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      Woo Hoo!

      BEAU - We found the main cause of vegetation-related OOMs. While technically not leaking, the 1k tiles aren't being removed aggressively enough. They get removed when the scenery region that owns them is removed which essentially means that they might stick around in memory as long as a distance landmark building would. We are working to fix this issue.
      - Michael
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        FYI - Copy of one of my posts on LM Forum: (I mention another poster called Arc who has been very helpful)

        I am informed by LM that the advances in CPU management (or not as you may see it) include frequent checks on the affinity and the cmd line approach now will likely upset the normal expected outcome which is what I found and you've confirmed.

        This has been received well by LM and they are using that info to help them better adapt/develop how P3D interacts in general.

        I have a small gift for you (Kosta is unimpressed with my video and I can't be bothered explaining youtube remixes videos that are downgraded from HD anyway and from a 17Gb file to what gets shown.

        Trust me the app I've found will knock ya socks off with the performance it gives.

        LM have been informed and hopefully take this seriously also (especially as it is public licence). They should track down the author, definitely.

        Anyway - try this:

        I know you'll be bothered to sus it out and will use it and love it.

        Kosta if he finds this post may tut etc but is short sighted sometimes even though I like the guy.

        Make a folder called WinAFC-0.9.2 in C:\Program Files and unzip the download into it from

        You'll se a file called affinityinput.txt

        Edit this line

        # C:\Path\To\Application := CPU0+CPU1 [attr1=val1,attr2=val2]

        to suit your installed location of P3D (that's mine below)

        D:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v2\Prepar3D.exe := ALL [threads=yes]

        Run the program, watch it sus out your processor and the masks etc and then it will know when you run P3D and apply ALL cores to it.

        LM tell me that P3D checks affinity every so often - so does this and makes sure the program runs on those cores in the way YOU WANT and to an additional layer of optimisation over that of the OS.


        LM may figure this out from my tip to them of this but I am not 100% confident because of the limitations put on them to discuss great ideas from their customers in a convenient easy way. This forum is really not the best medium to get things done.

        Arc - have a blast and please let me know if you get the great results I now have through my own efforts.


        BOB - BG2518


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