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2.1 has been released!

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  • 2.1 has been released!

    Today announces the release of the next evolution of Prepar3D v2 with Prepar3D v2.1. Updates to Prepar3D v2 are available in both a patch to an existing v2 installation, or as a new installer from your Purchased Downloads page. If you are a current Prepar3D v2 user, there is no charge to upgrade.

    The Lockheed Martin Prepar3D team loves hearing about your experiences with Prepar3D at our forums. The forums also give us an opportunity to listen to your feedback as we continue Prepar3D development. We’ve partnered with our forum users and with several 3rd party solution developers to continue to bring added features, enhancements, optimizations as well as additional backwards compatibility, bug fixes and additional stability to Prepar3D v2.

    “All issues FlyTampa raised with regards to Airport development, have been fixed in Prepar3D v2.1″ – FlyTampa

    We hope you find Prepar3D v2.1 continues to support your learning, simulation and training objectives. We are excited to bring this patch and update to Prepar3D v2 to the community today, and have already begun development on several new and exciting features for Prepar3D v2.2. Keep an eye out on for new developer blogs in the future outlying the new features coming in v2.2.
    I'll be installing tonight! (It's wonderful having a simulator supported by the publisher!)
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    - Michael
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    Update to 2.1 went well. Will be looking forward to trying in out when Prepar3D server is back online.
    CW4 US Army Retired [/COLOR]:)[SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]


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      Updating now - bathroom break or wait for it to finish is my choice right now.......

      Yes, well, that was earlier and 2 things to report.......

      1. I should have done the bathroom thing as the update took quite a while.

      2. Been trying to get it to crash for hours and it won't. Most happy !!
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        Spoke too soon .......

        How many times must I load P3D
        Before it works without crash?
        How many tweaks to prepar3d cfg
        Before I go fully mad?
        Yes, how many times must I change the display
        Before it looks like it should?
        The answer my friends is giving me the wind
        The answer is giving me the wind.

        Thanks to Bob Dylan for the inspiration.


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          Did you do a full install or the patch?
          Justin Johnson

          Any questions about the VA send me a message.


          [SIZE=1][COLOR="#696969"]Operating System: Windows 8.1 64-bit ✈ CPU: AMD FX-8120 ✈ RAM: 8.00GB Single-Channel DDR3 @ 716MHz ✈ Motherboard: MSI 970A-G46 ✈ Graphics: 2048MB Gigabyte AMD Radeon R9 200 Series ✈ Storage: 465GB SAMSUNG; 74GB Western Digital; 232GB Western Digital ✈ Audio: AMD High Definition Audio ✈ Antivirus: Avast! Internet Security[/COLOR][/SIZE]


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            I did notice a difference in the short (5 min) flight I did in both an existing install patched, and a full reinstall (of 2.0 + 2.1 patch). It was a lot smoother, framerates seemed a bit higher (not dramatic though), and it just felt... fuller.

            Installing the patch on a fresh 2.0 is a lot quicker than a used 2.0. That thing did take forever to get started.

            I only got my ORBX stuff and REX textures installed last night, so I still have more to add. But I haven't opened up the CFG file yet to do any tweaking. I do need to do the dll.exe and xml.dll (I think) for my Saitek stuff and for Accufeel.
            - Michael
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              Ok here's my take on the cfg with a six core machine.

              ;ADDED HT on for 6 cores and does add FPS over a setting of 14

              ;ADDED HT off for 6 cores apparently

              ;ADDED recommended P3D (4 core machine)

              ;ADDED (multiples of 3) - 6 is P3D recommended but 3 seems good - need more testing
              ;Default 30 and is included in default cfg - 40 seems to help
              ;Limiting fps to 20 definitely does help with stutters and scenery etc

              ;ADDED recommended P3D Default = 0.33 - 0.1 seems to work better - to do more tests


              ;ADDED recommended P3D

              ;ADDED recommended P3D


              ;ADDED recommended P3D 30 BUT adds LOADS of microstutters SO NOT USING IT AT ALL

              NVidia Inspector
              Only 1 change from the default Prepar3d profile.....
              Under the Compatibility Section (near the top)
              Antialiasing compatibility (DX1x) - use 0x80000F71 (BioShock, BioShock 2)


              With all the above, Grand Canyon without frame limiting get between 250FSP (yes, 250) down to 28FPS in jumps - limiting to 20 works very well indeed.

              At Cushman Meadows - non P3D airport with non P3D Orbx PNW scenery can hold the 20FPS with only very occasional microstutter.

              UK Heathrow, ORBX global etc - rough as a dog's ***** - 10-15 FPS.

              Play fair EU is non P3D ready.

              All using MEDIUM/HIGH graphics display settings via P3D options on a 780Ti - i7-970 cpu - 1920x1080 res

              Running off 7200rpm HD 2nd drive - main drive 223GB formatted Intel SSD.

              HOTAS Thrustmaster Joystick - have all the Saitek panels, Yoke etc, just too darn lazy to set it up yet, inc Track IR.

              May fiddle with that at Xmas 2014 - lol.

              Oh, plus using Pilots Software's FS Global Ultimate for world mesh, REX etc etc - running 2048 textures
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                couple of notes on Bob's config.

                First of all Affinitymask=2046 is not the affinity mask for a 6 core processor, Affinitymask=63 is, unless you dont want to use the first processor, then its 62.
                Secondly, Bob, for best frame rate, set your frame rate limit to 1/2 the refresh rate of your monitor. Most monitors are 60hz, so 30, 75hz = 37, 120hz = 60, so forth and so on. Reason being, is that you should never see screen tearing with the frame rate set this way. besides, you cant see faster than that anyway. By setting it to 1/2, your FPS will not fluctuate like you were describing.

                See my videos Here


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                  With P3D they've recommended setting it 10% higher than your 1/2 refresh rate. So as I just have 60 Hz monitors I set it to 34.

                  I also don't think you need the Highmemfix entry in there. They even made that default in 1.4.

                  Too many things are being carried over from FSX that just aren't applicable any more. Lots of people keep adding the same tweaks. I haven't touched my .cfg since the reinstall to 2.1.
                  - Michael
                  Check out my cockpit build!


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                    I really appreciate all your kind help and am trying out the mods you both suggest.


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                      I recommend exporting your control settings as soon as possible. :eagerness:

                      After 2.1 installation, I spent 15 minutes reprogramming the controls for my joystick and throttle quadrant. After 10 minutes of flying, P3D crashed, and I found that on restart it had forgotten all my changes and was now at default settings again. Evidently clicking the OK button on the options pop-up wasn't sufficient. :fatigue: So I had to spend another 15 minutes reprogramming it, though this time I exported my settings to a file so I could recover them later if need be.


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                        Are these isolated experiences or is everyone having some issue with 2.1?


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                          Issues, yep, many and a learning curve to avoid them.

                          E.g. save a flight, make it default. Then play out P3D to a crash. Your flight and setting of default are indeed NOT saved.

                          It seems that this and other option changes do not get saved unless you manage to sweetly exit P3D.

                          Wind socks stuck but unstick if you delete the cfg - lol

                          User defined wind always -17 degs off from what you set - lol

                          Nutters on the LM forum demanding money back for ALL - lol

                          No chill pills available so having to use self control (not via FSUIPC) - loooooool


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                            I have no problems so far with a wipe and clean 2.1 install both client and server side. Version 2.0 worked fine for me until I changed my flight control system from a Logitech G940 3 piece (which worked-sorta) to a Guillemot Warthog + Saitek combat pedals. After that, I couldn't get 2.0 to hold FCS connection after any menu selection whatsoever. I quit trying. I took the P3Dv2 server down then also. Now, with 2.1, my FCS holds stable and I have (so far) experienced no crashes nor abnormalities either single nor multiplayer.

                            The server was sorta just thrown up again without much configuration. I'll take down the P3Dv2 server late Sunday night and do some more work on it's configuration. I've not futzed with the standard 2.1 graphics configuration nor the standard 2.1 appdata .cfg file. I read that 2.1 takes care of initial graphics configuration automatically based on the p3Dv2.1 software's analysis of your computer hardware, unlike 2.0. I continue to monitor frame rates with that slider set to unlimited but I will set the internal frame rate limiter to 34 (half monitor refresh rate plus 10%) when I get smarter and then start messing with graphics configuration, both in-software and via Nvidia Inspector utility. I've limited my client side experiments to P3Dv2 native installers and otherwise approved P3Dv2 stuff. I'll try TweakFS non-P3Dv2 native installs and common port-overs this weekend. I'll be doing copious ISO backups to known working configurations 'til I am thru trying to break the new 2.1 installation with unapproved add on installations.

                            Long story short, my learning curve is accelerating and things are looking good for me personally. Upon another weekend's worth of host server installation testing, I'd be willing to promote and advertise the P3Dv2 host server's universal use. Before the release of 2.1, I couldn't in good conscience recommend adoption of P3Dv2.0 to the community nor the simming world.
                            Respects, Bob ...


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                              OK, I've now lost the affinity mask entirely !!!

                              Am using task manager's AFFINITY on the prepar3d.exe process to switch ALL cores ON.

                              Seems to be a great improvement (for me) HawgDawg4Life.

                              TEXTURE_BANDWIDTH_MULT=40 - Now also GONE - not needed as gives no noticeable difference for me.

                              HighMemFix=1 - GONE also (apparently P3D does NOT need this) and can't see any effect from it not being there.

                              The sim always crashes (OOM) at 3.2Gb Private Working Set Memory use anyway - lol.

                              TextureMaxLoad=9 - changed from 3 to 9 - tough one for me to see but 9 "feels" better - ????

                              Now have my frame rates fixed at 34 and getting 33.9 most of the time - thanks Michael, your tip re syncing to monitor (half + 10%) was MAGIC.


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