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    Anyone on the open beta for warthunder?

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    I have a tier 5 US Jet (F9F-2 Panther). I have spent probably 50 US Dollars on the game on golden eagles and lots of time. I am moving away from War Thunder as it has a HUGE disposition in favor of anything from the USSR. Lots of US aircraft in the game are a joke, and the P-51D Mustangs do not perform anywhere near what they can do in RL even in Arcade mode. They constantly buff Russian aircraft and either make no changes to American or they nerf american planes. Personally I think DCS is 1000% better, I just wish they had the scenery graphics that War Thunder has.
    "Remember, when in doubt hold on to your altitude, no one has ever collided with the sky"

    "Speed is life, Altitude is life insurance"

    "Respect the ground, for during the 100 or so years that man has been flying things made of metal going hundreds of miles per hour, and the ground going zero miles per hour, the ground has yet to lose."


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      Yeah I agree Spartan, I didn't spend anything on it just my time. Like you said the scenery graphics and lighting are very nice but the way it's setup I wasnt t thrilled with. I'll probably spend my money on DCS instead.


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