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  • MSFS Suggested Add-ons

    This is a dedicated list of add-ons to MSFS/FS2020 that our community members have suggested to add value to the new simulator. These are all external links and not managed by our community. Just like any other internet browsing, click and download at your own risk. We hope you enjoy this building compilation. If you have something you would like to add, please post it below or contact me on discord.

    MixMugz's various mods (Tiny nameplates, etc.) -
    Flybywiresim A32nx mod (adds various realism to default A320) -
    YourControls (Shared cockpit software) -
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    Some of you know that I was having some issues with my avionics glass instruments in various aircraft freezing up, this has been pinpointed to the MixMugz's Tiny Nameplates Mod. It was fixed by removing, then a fresh reinstalling of the Mod. This may have been caused by a setting/parameter I have changed that was not happy with a recent update, as it was working fine for the first two weeks. If you have a similar problem, try removing this Mod, or all add-ons in the community folder to see if it helps. If I pinpoint the exact setting/parameter during reconfiguration, I will edit and post it here.


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