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Commercial MSFS2020 release and continued beta testing

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  • Commercial MSFS2020 release and continued beta testing

    I will probably remain a tester after the commercial release on August 18th. I'll probably delete my current beta build 1.6.13 as is required for commercial release installation on August 16th, two days prior to release. I'll pre-order the Premium edition from Microsoft Store early on August 17th and fully install the commercial release soon as it is downloadable.

    If Kalo is successful in striking some deal with Microsoft-Asobo on behalf of our community to offer organized group testing services on the post-release betas, I will endure any inconvenience to remain a beta tester. If there is no such arraignment accepted by Microsoft-Asobo AND I encounter installation problems or other problems with both a commercial as well as a separate beta FSXX installation installed, I may regretfully relinquish my spot on the beta team. Access to the testers' forum IS important to me, tho.

    I read in testers' forum from an admin that Flight Control System custom button bindings will NOT carry over nor be cloud accessible after the beta build is deactivated by Microsoft on the 18th. FSXX FCS bindings are now stored in the cloud and no longer are stored in App Data as they were in FSX and previous sims. I have therefore documented my current bindings with screenshots of FCS assigned buttons and axes.

    Thanks, Kalo (splendid one) for the creation of this MSFS2020 sub-forum and for the laborious reinstall of vBulletin. Hover your mouse over the orange bars on the left side of any Kalo forum post to see my splendid one reference. (Thanks, Wingman, you beacon of light, for finding that one.)
    Respects, Bob ...

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    Maybe it's because I only joined the FSXX Insider Forums near the end of the beta phase, I found them to be mostly unhelpful and it was a bit of a chore finding the information I needed. I don't intend to install preview builds via the Insider Hub along side my normal FSXX install.

    I have submitted a few bugs I have found, mostly objects in the middle of runways, to the Zendesk helpcenter and will continue to do so. That's about as involved as I will get with any sort of ongoing testing after release.
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