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No new Aerocaches anymore

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  • No new Aerocaches anymore

    Due to the complexities associated with operating and maintaining the aerocache toolset without the original development team at our disposal, we are unable to create or implement new aerocache assets, including those recently submitted by members of the community.

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    Aw man... And to think I had just sent in two aerocaches. I really thought one was a really cool one too. Can't imagine how Air1 and Albacore are gonna feel about this.

    Very sad news, aerocaches became the only reason a lot of people logged on, now it's gone. Another large portion of Flight gone :apologetic:


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      Here is the thread at AVSIM:


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        That's now the last nail in the coffin for Microsoft Grounded... I mean flight, yeah flight......
        "Remember, when in doubt hold on to your altitude, no one has ever collided with the sky"

        "Speed is life, Altitude is life insurance"

        "Respect the ground, for during the 100 or so years that man has been flying things made of metal going hundreds of miles per hour, and the ground going zero miles per hour, the ground has yet to lose."




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          They've also stopped supporting GFWL purchases. For anyone with Flight who hasn't bought everything they want, I would suggest you do it soon as they are closing shop on GFWL on the 22nd. I think Steam will still be available to purchase new content, but I haven't got a confirmation on that.

          However, some good news! Some pictures of FSX portover planes to Flight.

          This is the Cessna C172 default from FSX. It's currently unflyable, but it's still a nice thing to look at.

          Default A321 portover to Flight. Even though there are not any jet effects in Flight, you will still be able to fly it, but as a piston prop plane.


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            So far, the aerocaches have still been coming on schedule, But we will see what happens today! One of these days they will stop I'm sure. Hopefully they have decided to run out what they have in stock, I hope.



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