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  • MSFLIGHT camera config file

    Hello, I am passing along to you what I have learned about the Camera Configuration file.

    Before continuing let me state that you MUST make a copy of the original file and put it in a safe location on your computer.
    Making changes without doing so and any damage cause to the MSFLIGHT program or files is your responsibility ONLY.

    The file consists of 12 camera definitions numbered as follows:

    1 = FIRST PERSON VIEW - Outside walk around mode. (the E key).
    2 = COCKPIT VIEW. Self-explanatory (the F9 key).
    3 = SPOT VIEW - An outside view of the aircraft, can be repositioned, NO key assignment.
    4 = FREE LOOK - An outside view of the aircraft from behind the tail, can be repositioned. (the F11 key).
    5 = CHASE VIEW - An outside view of the aircraft from behind the tail, cannot be repositioned. (the F8 key).
    6 = FLYBY VIEW - Self-explanatory (the F10 key).
    7 = TOP-DOWN VIEW - An outside view of the aircraft from above showing the terrain below it, cannot be repositioned (the F12 key).
    8 = NO DEFINITION (wonder what it was).
    10 = FACILITIES RUNWAY VIEW - A view of the any airport(s) runway within a radius of 10 nautical miles, NO key assignment.
    11 = AI PLANES VIEW - An outside view of any AI aircraft(s) within a radius of 10 nautical miles, NO key assignment.
    12 = MULTIPLAYER PLANES VIEW - An outside view of multiplayer aircrafts (cycle with the F7 key) within a multiplayer session, NO key assignment.
    13 = SCREENSHOT VIEW - Allows the player to move the cockpit view in any direction, even outside, using the mouse wheel.
    14 = REMOTE CONTROL VIEW - A fixed outside view of the aircraft that allows the player to treat it as if it were an RC aircraft, (the O key).

    The F keys are assigned within the game using a HOTKEYSELECT definition, they are as follows:

    The F8 key = hotkeyselect = 1 (CHASE).
    The F9 key = hotkeyselect = 2 (COCKPIT).
    The F10 key = hotkeyselect = 3 (FLYBY).
    The F11 key = hotkeyselect = 4 (FREE LOOK)
    The F12 key = hotkeyselect = 5 (TOP DOWN)

    These hotkeyselect numbers can be re-assigned to any camera definition the player may choose to use for it.

    Within each camera definition there is a CYCLEHIDDEN definition, which is used by the F7 key to cycle through the various camera views. Those camera view definitions assigned as NO are shown during the cycling of the F7 key (default F8 to F12). You can change CYCLEHIDDEN definition to YES at your choosing to allow extra views to be shown.

    Now I have found that the SPOT, FACILITIES RUNWAY, and MULTIPLAYER views to be very very useful while flying in MSFLIGHT as follows:

    I have rotated the SPOT VIEW to look behind my aircraft. When I make a missed approach to a runway, I can see how far away I am getting from the airport. When I am a safe distance away, but the airport is still within good view, I then make an easy 45 degree banking turn back for a second approach attempt.

    When flying in free flight, the FACILITIES RUNWAY view is TOTALLY useful in finding the airport I am heading to and those another airports within range. The view shows the airport ICAO or FAA code and a runway number, such as PANC 7R, and you can cycle through the runway numbers using the F7 key. If there are multiple airports within the 10 nautical mile range, you may need to cycle through a number of airports to get the one you want to land at, so KNOW the code for that airport. Now the downside for the FACILITIES RUNWAY view, it will ONLY work in an aircraft with a cockpit, (deluxe planes), and it will NOT show seaplane bases.

    The MULTIPLAYER view is useful to see the terrain that your session partners are looking at.

    Personally, I have re-assigned the F8 key to the SPOT VIEW. I also assigned theF10 key to the FACILITIES RUNWAY view, which will show the first airport and runway number within range, then I use the F7 key to cycle through any other runways.

    Thanks for taking the time to read my post, I hope this will be useful to all my follow pilots.

    BTW: Although not a part pf the camera config file, the following keystrokes to be also useful while within the COCKPIT VIEW, they are as follows:

    CTRL + Q = Move view back.
    CTRL + W = Move view up.
    CTRL + E = Move view forward.
    CTRL + A = Move view left.
    CTRL + S = Move view down.
    CTRL + D = Move view right.

    These keys will also move the view outside the aircraft just like the mouse wheel.

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    I did play around a little with this back in the pre-release version of MS Flight, I asked about it, I was given the answer of "be very careful". The camera.CFG can be messed up quickly and can crash the game. For example I mistakenly set '8' as a fixed position (it would appear that they have changed it so you cant set it so.) and when I would cycle my views I would be returned to Hilo's tower, this was a problem if I was more then 10 miles away because the program would demand for more resources then it could get (limited to 2GB of ram).

    It would appear that 8 and 9 where removed to prevent my situation from happening again.


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      thanks Flyingdreamz for your comment. I have tweaked other aspects of the camera definition terms without any trouble occurring. I put that disclaimer in the post so that no can blame me if the mess up the MSFLIGHT program.
      Some more info concerning the FACILITIES RUNWAY view. You need to have the mouse mode "ON" (the crosshairs) to see where the airport runway is on the screen. The crosshairs does not point to the runway threshold but to one side of it and about 20 feet back from it. You can use this view to get your aircraft headed in the right direction but switch to another view to make your final approach.

      Happy flying!! loonycargo


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