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MSF: Support Information for any MSF Scheuled Event (any questions or flight plans)

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  • MSF: Support Information for any MSF Scheuled Event (any questions or flight plans)

    1. This is a thread for posting any questions or suggestions from those interested in participating in any of the events scheduled for MSF events.

    2. It also can be used to post additional information that were not contained in the original event post such as skyvector flight plans.

    We WELCOME everyone who like to join in our FUN!
    "Having fun with friends! "

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    I meant Scheduled Event such as the Icon Flight on June 6, 2013.

    Here is a link to the skyvector Flight Plan for this event.
    "Having fun with friends! "


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      Originally posted by Coast View Post
      Icon Flight on June 6, 2013.
      Just looking now at your event that is scheduled. I might be able to make it depending on how long I am out for. (My B-Day is on D-Day) I would love to fly in the flight tomorrow night.
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        First Happy B-Day Jcom, and hope you can make it.

        Here is my suggested way to fly this event, but as usual everyone should fly it the way they own way.

        We will be flying low and fast, so be careful and don't crash.

        Suggestion: C-46's should dial in 4 clicks on the prop (-20%) and 100% throttle to try and maintain best speed when not doing a T&G or landing..

        1. We will be taking off from Ford Island with C-46's first, followed by the P-51D's who will launch a couple of minutes after them, followed by any RV-6A's. Fly directly North and start turning slowly left into Wheeler about halfway there. Do a controlled T&G and then turn right and fly directly North again.

        2. Round the northern coast of the island and head for Kanoehe Bay trying to fly over the painted symbolic painted carrier on a parking area. Do a left hand 270 degree turn to lose speed and do a controlled T&G on runway 22.

        3. As you lift off runway 04 turn left and target Bellows field by flying to the left of a large hill. Turn right to fly over Bellows and then turn left again, and find the coast highway.

        4. Follow the highway flying low and fast into downtown Honolulu, and look for the canal. Fly along the canal until it takes you out to the ocean and then turn right for the PAPI lights of Honolulu International.

        5. This sets you up for a WIDE turn around Ford Island starting at the entrance to the harbor. This is a RIGHT turn that eventually takes you over the Arizona Memorial. It is important for the P-51D's to cut throttle to 50% at the harbor entrance to start slowing down.

        6. Finally the C-46's will be slowing down quickly for a landing on runway 04 at Ford Island by turning about 180 degrees, dropping gear and flaps, and managing the throttle. C-46's stay left and turn out left after landing. P-51D's have the option to land at Ford Island if they can (staying right and turning out right), or diverting to Honolulu. Another options for the P-51D's circle Ford Island and land when its clear.

        Go luck!
        "Having fun with friends! "


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          Here's a suggestion. Or rather a plea. I would LOVE to fly the D-day event. But I can't, because it starts too early for me. Any event that starts at 6pm local (Mountain time) on a working weekday is out. (Heaven knows how any west-coasters make it, as it's 5pm for them!)

          I know that an 8pm Eastern time is convenient for the organizers, but I suggest it may be making participation by Mountain and Pacific time zones much less likely. I guess that's one reason 9pm Eastern starts are often so well-attended.

          So, in the interests of providing the greatest number of people with the opportunity to participate (and if success = numbers, then also in the interests of hosting a successful event), if you are hosting an event on a working weekday please consider a 9pm Eastern start.



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