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Group/Solo Flight Simulation Live Flight Tracking and ATC.

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  • Group/Solo Flight Simulation Live Flight Tracking and ATC.

    Hi Everyone, I am working on a new Group/Solo Flight Simulation that can be ran on all Versions of Flight simulation using the new Application V-Pilot or you can fly with Other Actual Commercial and Some Military MOA Flights taking place all over the world. I have done some Beta Testing with this and encourage others to work with me. This will be a lot of fun for all. The procedures used with strengthen your flight skills and or ATC Skills as well

    Here are the required links you will need to get your started. The First two are websites and you will need to Bookmark these.
    Flight Aware AND ATC Live Ok another good idea is to create a Bookmark Folder Called FSX that way you can place all your important Sites in that Folder for easy reference. If you want to Fly in Multiplayer with others that are using different Flight Simulator Platforms you need to use the new V-Pilot Application developed by ATC_Roo and the information for installation is available here VPILOT.

    I will be setting up a Group Flight in the near future and will looking for Beta Testers. In my next post I will provide instructions on How to get up and running. This is a great application for new members Pilots and ATC enthusiasts that will greatly enhance your skills. Thanks for taking the time to read this post. Have fun with it . Please contact me if you have questions or would like to participate in the Beta Testing.

    your friendly MSF Greeter

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    So, running this if I were to take off from KAPA (Centenial, Denver, CO) and fly to Aspen I would have traffic in the area the was consistent with actual aircraft in the air as would whoever I was flying with?


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      That is correct. One should check the ATC Live site to make sure that you have services from your departure site and to your Destination as well. I think this would be a great trial on FSD. Members could pick a departure Airport and Flight and then fly to a common Destination arriving just minutes of each other. We could setup ATC at the Destination Airport. Let me know your thoughts about this.


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        The initial post was nearly three weeks ago. Have you made any progress on it since then?


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