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FIGHT for FLIGHT! - Massive Group Flights

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  • FIGHT for FLIGHT! - Massive Group Flights

    Starting tonight my flights are going to be strictly in Microsoft Flight until the multiplayer capabilities of the game are shutdown. The flight plans are going to take us to all of those iconic Flight locations. We are going to relive Microsoft Flight one last time, and I want Microsoft to be able to notice the sudden spike in server traffic. I want to fill sessions(emphasis on plural) with these flights. We are still here, and we still love flying in Microsoft Flight.

    I hope to see EVERYONE participating in these events. This isn't about trying to save the game, this is about unifying the Flight community and celebrating all of the amazing times that we have had flying with each other in Microsoft Flight.
    So let's keep Flight alive!


    Volunteering to host and orchestrate overflow sessions will be greatly appreciated!
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    Anything and everything Microsoft Flight! Repaints![/B][/FONT]
    (All of my repaints are here.)[/CENTER]
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