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WARNING! MS Flight Posts NEW Terms of Use Policy

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  • WARNING! MS Flight Posts NEW Terms of Use Policy

    This morning when I signed into MS Flight I had to accept a NEW Terms of Use Policy in order sign onto the Windows for Games Live server. I copied the Policy agreement which is quite long, difficult to read and understand, and will try to compare it to the last one to find the differences. If you intend to play MS Flight you must accept the NEW Terms of Use Policy, and that may change what rights you have when the Windows for Games Live servers terminate operation.

    I declined the NEW Terms of Use Policy, and had to stop using MS Flights since you must accept it in order to login and play the game. I understand most if not all of us routinely ignore this agreement, and accept it automatically without looking at it. I suspect that is because we don't have the patient to read it, the ability to understand if we did, and are impatient anyway to play the game we paid for.

    Finally, Microsoft will be pulling the plug on Live sometime around July 2014, so my concern here my be unnecessary for most of us, but I still think those of us who are still interested in playing MS Flights should be aware of it.


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    Though that there are some that read the EULAs, TOUs, and TOSs who are willing to share concerns that exist therein pleases me. Thank you for looking into the new TOU and reporting your findings here, Coast! I bet you're right -- this may have something to do with the inevitable and imminent discontinuation of support, service, and supply of Microsoft Flight.

    I do plan to poke my virtual head into Flight every once in a while until its complete disappearance, and I will be especially present on that day/time (if it is officially announced). Remember... Observatory atop Mauna Kea at Sunset... favorite aircraft of your choice. I hope the new LOU doesn't negatively affect my ability to do at least that much.
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      I'm assuming it has something to do with the shutting down of Games for Windows Live. GFWL is officially closing July 1st 2014. This means no more online play for a lot of games, of which Microsoft Flight is probably included. MS Flight might get an "offline" mode, but multi-player most likely won't work since you won't beable to sign into your GFWL account.


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