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Commanders Beta (2.3) is open

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  • Commanders Beta (2.3) is open

    Looking forward to reporting my findings and hearing yours!
    Take the time, a second to soar; for soon after, beckons a second more.

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    ... and of course, I just had to:

    Anyway, my initial impression is that it's very much like the SRV... BUGGY! Here are a few examples:

    - Keyboard navigation through new Holo-Me UI panels is inconsistent (You'd have to experience it to understand, but ASDW don't always do what you think they will, and when you think you've figured it out, they work differently on another selection pane.)
    - Holo-Me avatar body and face begin to jitter/tremble immediately upon attempting to rotate the view, and will continue to do so until exiting and re-entering the Holo-Me UI.
    - Holo-Me customizations don't stick; will get re-set to some default value or blank at times (e.g. I put decals on my shoulders; they were gone the next time I entered the Holo-Me UI.)
    - Holo-Me spacesuit selection NAME doesn't reflect actual selection if selecting other than default-BLACK. (I changed to grey, exited and re-entered UI, and had grey on, but the selection said I was wearing default-BLACK.)
    - Dolphin outfitting cameras poorly aimed on hardpoints. I see what happened here: the dev that set the camera angle CENTERED the hardpoint mid-screen. Only problem is the left 50% of the screen is consumed by the hardpoint data. You never actually see the entire weapon mounted.

    I think that last one sums it up pretty well -- there's a lot of attention to detail missing. That, coupled with the fact that Multi-role wasn't even activated in this initial Beta (#1), makes me believe this may be a long Beta process.
    Take the time, a second to soar; for soon after, beckons a second more.


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      P.S.- What I know about ship-naming so far:
      - 22 character ship names; don't have to be unique to the world
      - 6 character ship ID; also doesn't have to be unique
      - Neither is visible externally (on the ship itself), but there appears to be a placeholder for an option to purchase decals to slap your ship-ID or ship-Name on the ship at a later date
      - Basic special characters work (I tried '!' and '-' successfully)
      Take the time, a second to soar; for soon after, beckons a second more.


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