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Ascent (a good time to be into space sims)

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  • Ascent (a good time to be into space sims)

    It's a good time to be into space sims...
    • Think of an MMO that's a cross between Elite: Dangerous, No Man's Sky and Offworld Trading Company.
    • Make sure you add in the bits you really wish were in Elite. :eagerness:
    • Build it with just a single developer. Yes, really. :eek-new:
    • Make an alpha-beta release and call it "early access." :welcoming:
    • Oh... and don't forget to give it seriously retro graphics (which is my polite way of saying they could really do with some work!).
    What do you have? You have something called Ascent - The Space Game, available on Steam since February.

    Check out the videos and the audio commentary by the developer at the Steam store.

    More here:

    I was alerted to Ascent here:

    20 bucks.. At that price I might just have to... nthego:

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    That does look good... I'm surprised that this is the first I've heard of it.
    Happy landings,

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      I found a fly in the ointment. A small speck of a fly, but a fly nonetheless...

      I was on the point of getting it from Steam, when I noticed the line: "Bundled 3 Month Premium Access" with a mouse-over of "This DLC enables 3 months of full Premium access in the game." What?!

      A bit of research and I find that in addition to the base game that you pay for once, there are 3 separate optional monthly subscriptions of $1 each that unlock various aspects of the game (after of course you've had your free 3 month taster). My guess is that most people would want at least one of those options, possibly all three, for a maximum $3 a month. While not EVE-online-like in magnitude (which is a sobering 15 bucks a month), and not essential, this took me by surprise. But caveat emptor!

      If anyone wants to find out more about the pay-to-play side of Ascent - The Space Game, please look here:


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        I am sorry to say that pay to play is against my religion. :chargrined: I do not own a single game that is pay to play, that is why I like ED so much.


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          looks cool, I noticed it said the game is PvE, do you know if the the game has any kind of interactions with other players such as a market or something? The PvP aspect is what draws me to these games. I tried eve online a while back (mainly to try out it's enormous market and transport economy), while the market and goods transport is pretty epic, the rest of the game is pretty complex and has has quite a steep learning curve which is a big turnoff for a casual gamer.

          Luckily the initial game is free but after the trial period you would have to pay $15 a month, which I agree with what Split said. However unlike other games you can actually pay the monthly subscription fee with in game currency if you play the game enough and make alot of money. The bad part is I read players would need at least 2 months to even get to the point where they could make enough ingame currency to afford the monthly subscription. Having to invest so much time in a game just to play it for free does not really seem worth it to me. If Ascent was really good I think $3 a month is reasonable (but the initial price should be low...maybe around $20).


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