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  • Elite: Dangerous - Galnet RSS feed and app

    I find it really useful to read the latest Galnet news articles offline on my RSS reader/news aggregator. It puts them alongside all my other regular reading without my having to visit the Elite: Dangerous website or start the game.

    Unfortunately, the RSS feed has occasionally been flaky and its address has changed more than once. Moreover Frontier never seem to make any announcements about it. However, thanks to the help of a Cmdr giuliocc, I can report the following:

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    Thanks and more on its way....

    Thanks for the post.. The service is available for Android devices only. I had an outage recently, but this has been fixed. Big update planned for the end of the year. More than just news on its way... The app is free and ad free as well.. (I hate ads in apps, no real value to the developer or the consumer IMHO).


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