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Repaints: Baron B58

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  • Repaints: Baron B58

    The baron is finally here in both G1000 and Steam models and with and without names of the msflights members.

    The repaint is a separate aircraft no messing with CFG files here, just drag and drop in to aircraft.

    Baron V1.0

    Out of date versions and fixes
    Baron V0.9

    Baron texture fix to update v0.9 to v1.0
    to update the baron go in to simobjects the find then copy and paste the "Msflights Beech B58 Baron" in to airplanes folder, it should overwrite the texture files that need updating.
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    Great Job Flyingdreamz! Downloading it now and judging by the pics.... IT LOOKS AMAZING Thank You for the paints!

    (After Downloaded)

    I just got it and, to be honest, I have taken most of my time so far just looking at all the names! Its Beautiful! Thanks EVEN MORE Flyingdreamz
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      Awesome paints. I just finished up downloading and am installing it now. Should be very cool to see all of us MSFlight-ers flying our own custom birds


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        Yet another HQ paint! Nice job on this one!
        "When once you have tasted flight, you will forever
        walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward,
        for there you have been, and there you will always long to return."


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          beautiful repaint
          Justin Johnson

          Any questions about the VA send me a message.

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            this looks pretty awesome, I'm gonna try it out tomorrow after work


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