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  • A shared repaint

    Here is an idea that I am willing to try to share with MSFLIGHTS.NET....

    It is a plane called the SST 2707-200 and 300 (under development)

    General characteristics (Basic)
    • Maximum speed: Mach 2.952
    • Range: 6000 mi (6,400 km, 3,500 nmi)

    I Updated to current day specifications of 21st century, keeping in mind this was designed in 1969 and fuel consumption was very different and efficiency was not a factor.
    It is based now on a 777-200ER burn

    Full specifications for 200 model here:

    It features now 300+ liveries around the world, with exception to many banned nations: known for being hostile to United States and Western Culture.


    ** Because of the state of war that exists in this region.

    I have been developing Flight Dynamics for a while at least 5 years, and finally finished it... but in addition to those 300 i put in one more. for MSFLIGHTS.NET.
    I did not do the model, i only received permission to modify and add, so all rights of the model design and ownership lies with Mike Magnus. . <-- MsFlights Coroprate Livery.

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    She is faster than a speeding bullet and one hell of a bird to fly... I had to write a procedure to fly her though, and if you get this plane via the FlightSimX Company and soon to be, i would advise you to READ... its not like the BAE Concorde and she is a bit twitchy because of the sheer power you have flying it... but a kick in the pants to go LAX to NYC in 0:48 min or KLAX to EGLL in 1h 35 min ;-) You should follow it on landing and takeoff and use ILS and she handles like a Champ...

    "Get Ready for a Ride!" - Johnny Cab (Total Recall, 1996)

    MM N.A Miller, USN Ret.
    FlightsimX Company/VNASA Development.


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