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I can't seem to find a fix for the all white freeware planes when running in Direct X 10

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  • I can't seem to find a fix for the all white freeware planes when running in Direct X 10

    I can't seem to find a fix for the all white freeware planes when running in Direct X 10.

    Would this texture problem have to be fixed by re-modelling each aircraft individually, if at all? Would it be worth the trouble?

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    you need this for DX10...

    and not all aircrafts suports DX10!
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      Many things do not work in DX10 preview. I never use it. I always use DX9 so I can run ENB Series. The speed of modern machines usually compensates for the reduced framerates of DX9, and you can compensate for water appearance with REX, FS Water Configurator and ENB Series.

      Remodeling aircraft is not easy and usually not possible; you'd have to start from scratch. You may instead mean re-texturing, and converting bmp files to dds files sometimes helps for some people though sadly this is not reliable.
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        Thanks Casey!


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          Sounds like a big job. Thanks Storm


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            The link Casey posted is great. Since that product came out I haven't run FSX in DX9 mode at all. Without the fixer there are many bugs... with it, DX10 is a wonderful way to go. There are some free patches on AVSIM that will fix a lot of the issues (like opaque chain-link fences, progressive taxi), but the white planes are only fixed by the paid fixer. REX does support DX10, the newest FS Water Configurator does as well. As Storm pointed out ENB does not, but SweetFX does.

            I recommend this review of the fixer:

            Lots of people seem to write it off immediately because they seem set in their ways IMO. The performance gains alone are worth trying it out. It will unfortunately take tweaking to get it working well as it needs different tweaks from DX9. But once that is done it works great with better GPU utilization (usually resulting in more FPS), generally lower VAS usage (as more is offloaded to the GPU), and less Out of Memory errors! I have never gotten an OOM with DX10 (have with DX9 and early P3Dv2).

            (Slight disclaimer: I only have a few hours in FSX since this time last year when P3D2.0 came out, and no hours since ~May due to construction. I did run FSX in DX10 since ~Oct 2012 (when the initial free fixes were posted), and running the full fixer since it came out Sept 2013.)
            - Michael
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