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Pylons and Markers for air races

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  • Pylons and Markers for air races

    Alright you may have seen a thread or two from me about a race course I'm working on.... Well I have the course laid out and I just need someone to edit the scenery. I'm using ground scenery to define the course right now and know pretty much exactly where I need the markers to be. All I need now, really, is someone with the ability to tweak the scenery to come fly around the area with me while I point out locations for pylons, markers, and gates.

    I'm around most times, and will probably be on around 4:30 my time (Phx, Az.) tomorrow, the 24th

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    Sorry. I missed this thread until now. I have the ability to update scenery as well as a few others around.
    See other threads in this forum for links to my updated airports. Lazerbolt has also designed a few cool places.

    Come see me on teamspeak.
    Greetings from Dale
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