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Event trailer - Around the World - Intermission series

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  • Event trailer - Around the World - Intermission series

    While our august flight lead Lazerbolt enjoys a well-earned rest, we'll still have plenty to do on Thursdays at 9pm. To tide us over, I'll be leading a short series of group flights.

    How many flights? There will 7 flights, each flight having 3 hops. The average flight distance per hop is 140 nmi. The last flight will including picking up Lazer from his home airport and ferrying him to Mansfield.

    When do they start? These will start next Thursday March 30th 2017. Because Lazer is planning another May the 4th be with you! extravaganza, the last flight will be on May 18th. Hopefully he can be persuaded to start a fifth Around the World series beginning May 25th! :eagerness:

    Cruise requirements? Our flights will be just a little slower than normal Thursday nights. We'll cruise at 250 kts True Air Speed, which will mean an Indicated Air Speed of between 200 kts and 225 kts for most flights, depending on our chosen altitude. Our altitude should never be higher than 15,000 feet, often much lower.

    What will we fly? We're ferrying both cargo and people, who include scientists, technicians, medics, security personnel plus search and rescue specialists. So we'll need cargo props and propliners. Therefore you can fly your normal Thursday airplanes such as the C-130 (just flying them slower than usual). Or you can fly a passenger plane (like the Lockheed Constellation or Airspeed Ambassador). Or a slower cargo plane (like the Noratlas or the Cargo Bronco). Or a patrol aircraft (like the Avro Shackleton). Or even the default Kingair will do. But, as normal for Thursdays, NO JETS.

    What about bad weather? Of our 21 destination airports, 17 have full ILS and 1 has IGS. Only three are without, and they all have at least an NDB.

    What's the story? Just a few hints for now. We'll be traveling back to 1978. But how, without the Singularity drive? Well we've been loaned a prototype replacement called the Duplicity drive. There may be unforeseen side-effects so tin foil hats will be necessary, especially because of what we'll be carrying...

    Details of the first flight in the series (for next Thursday) will be posted soon.
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