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P3dv4 and Dino's F14

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  • P3dv4 and Dino's F14

    After reading somewhere on a site that Dino's F14 was compatible with P3dV4 I downloaded and installed the 2.40v into my P3Dv4. Well It showed up nice on the runway, everything seemed to work and I took off.

    I climbed up to around 5 thousand feet and looked out the window, everything seemed as normal, I then switched to outside view and everything seemed normal. I then dropped down through the lightly scattered clouds over Kansas and decided to fly low, 2 or 3 thousand feet off the ground. Not long after getting to that altitude I noticed that the ground was BLURRY!!!!! I thought that maybe my 400 knots was to fast and slowed to about 180. Blurry's did not go away, I changed to outside view. Still had the blurry's. Flew around for some time with the blurry's at a real slow speed in the F14 hoping that maybe they would go away, every so now and then changing my view from cockpit, to outside, to flyby. They did not go away.

    I then decided to change planes. I changed my plane to the 310 Cessna, made by MILVIZ, and right away the blurry's vanished. Went back to the nice clean, crisp, focused, detailed, ORBX scenery. I did the same experimental changes in views that I did with the F14 and all the time the scenery stayed in focus and sharp.

    I am very pleased this happened. My conclusion was, that it was the F14 causing the blurry's, and that there was nothing wrong with the simulator and scenery, other than the fact that SOMEHOW the F14 was not completely compatible with P3Dv4. Don't know how the F14 caused the blurry's but would be very interested to know, if someone knows the answer.

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    Your problem was indeed just your speed over the landscape, not anything else to do with the plane. Naturally this speed is much slower with a 310 than an F14. If you had used the 310 at, say, 4x or even just 2x simulation rate, you would have got the same blurry effect as the F14 at normal 1x rate.

    Your sim takes a while to recover when things go blurred, and slowing down will not solve the problem instantaneously. You have to redraw the scenery. When you changed planes, you forced a scenery redraw and it would look crisp after that. If you had manually forced a scenery redraw without changing planes, it would have had the same effect.

    I have the same effect with Star Wars craft such as the X-wing and Y-wing, which can both reach the maximum possible ground speed capable of the Microsoft ESP engine (used by both FSX and P3D) of 2667 knots. I allocated a special key (backslash) to force a redraw. Sadly this causes a pause in operations but there is no way round that, though - apart from a break in immersion - this is not a problem when flying solo, only when in a group flight.

    The problem occurs because the sim attempts to load scenery at a distance from the plane. This is specified (fairly loosely if you believe some people) by the LOD_RADIUS in fsx.cfg. The number of terrain scenery tiles loaded, however, increases with the square of that number, not linearly. Larger numbers quickly put an increased load on your sim, and lower resolution "mipmap" versions are loaded first. When your plane moves, and the radius extends to new tiles, the sim has to fetch and display them. Therefore, you may wish to examine LOD_RADIUS and tweak it a little. I seem to recall the default is 4.5 (it should always end in ".5"). A sim restart will be required. However, as I also recall, the sim does not necessarily allocate top priority to this fetch-and-display task, so there's no guarantee things will be better. Other tweaks include reducing the texture resolution and reducing visibility.

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