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    I don't know if anybody will be interested in this but...

    I've created another version of SIMCOM.

    SIMCOM X is standalone and compatible with both 32 and 64bit PCs.

    Downloadable from my GDrive Here

    It came about as I wanted to write a VCCS for controllers, so they were able to make phone calls to other controllers whilst also talking on freq to aircraft (as used in real life).

    But I thought it would be no good unless pilots were also able to contact them.

    So I've created the pilot client first.

    The pilot client will auto switch to different frequencies as you tune the aircraft radio stack (FSX/P3D only at the moment, Xplane support to come).
    If another pilot is on the same frequency you will hear them, else you wont.
    Compatible with both COM1 or COM2 depending on which stack your transmitting on.

    It can also be used with existing voice comms running, so as we use discord there should be no problem chatting to a group in Discord whilst listening to/contacting ATC in SIMCOM.

    At the moment it has the option to start your own server, it shows your IP and people can then use that IP in their client and connect to your server.
    The intention is to remove that option and to automatically check for clients on the same frequency (I'm still thinking about that bit), this means that no matter what group you are apart of you will be able to hear pilots on the same frequency if they are using Simcom X.
    Handy for something like JoinFS where global users can be seen.

    More info can be found on DotDash.Space.

    Let me know if it's useful and I'll keep developing, else I'll pop it on the back burner for when I'm bored.
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    If you don't use BOINC or World Community Grid then you should!

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