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    This scenery is no longer available via OZx website. All of this post, and subsequent posts may have bad links and information due to the site being hacked and then taken down by the owner. Sorry for the inconvenience. An unverified download of OZx Scenery may be found here: The Download will take 1 day and 5 hours if on a free account due to their speed limiting. (Edited by Travis)
    This post is to officially recommend to you to get the OZx freeware scenery and other stuff. I and a few other flyers have been tooling around in the OZx for a few weeks and I can report to you now that it is rated "Awesome" by the msFlights.nut ratings board.

    Here's a nice little compilation video showing some of the OZx airports (not mine): WATCH ME PLEASE
    (I would mute that "music" and play this, but that's just me...:05.18-flustered

    This is OZx explained in their own words:
    OZx is a bunch of talented and dedicated scenery developers, aircraft painters and technical support crew who produce freeware scenery and freeware aircraft repaints for FSX. With an emphasis on small air strips and GA aircraft, our aim is to make 'low and slow' flying around Australia and the US the best possible experience.

    Over the last couple of years we have produced more than 200 airstrips across the length and breadth of Australia, plus a number of scenery POI's to supplement VFR flying More recently we have expanded our offerings to include the US and Italy. In addition the group produces aircraft repaints which specialise in Aussie registered aircraft and our site hosts repaints from external contributors.

    Our air strips are designed to co-exist within ORBX's FTX scenery, both the Australian and the expanding US packages. Though it is not required, we suggest that for the best experience of our scenery, you would do well to have the ORBX packages.

    We have an active forum and would love your involvement. Welcome to bush flying OZx style!

    So, it's all free. You get it HERE. Get it. Free. The free-ness of this free scenery cannot be overfreestated. It makes it worth getting the ORBX Australia. You will also want to get this small file that will make the airports show up in FSX and your GPS.

    Some thoughts:

    -it's free, but there is some commitment on your part in that it is several gigs of stuff to download and install on your hard drive. Just read the instructions. They do come with auto-installers so its easy, even for the new-comers.

    -fly small aircraft. Don't fly the OZx in your C-5 or F-35 or any sillyness like that. Have some respect for the guys that put a lot of love and effort in to producing this for your enjoyment. I've been flying my Baron 58 around western and northern Australia because of the longer distances between airports, but will be switching to a Cessna 172 or J-3 Cub as the airstrips get more plentiful and closer together in eastern AU.

    -don't be afraid to fly at night as a lot of these are lit up nicely, or are a good challenge to find at night!

    -all of their stuff appears to have been made with a strong commitment to quality and is safe to install, as opposed to a lot of other freeware out there that is basically junk that will make your FSX cry

    Watch this video (Townsville to Palm Island), after you get set up, you can fly the exact thing on your system. I've done it and it's as unbelievably close to real as I've seen in FSX (with ORBX and REX).
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    +1 for OZx! It really is the highest quality freeware scenery out there. They also have a fantastic scenery for Death Valley in California.


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      I also found this OZx airport which is apparently the home airport for Scott and the team at A2A Simulations...


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        D1, our poet laureat, please keep it up with the fascinating blogs and posts. Our forum is ever so much the richer for your words, ideas and advice.

        I testify that, from a VFR student pilot's perspective, these OZx virtual wonders accompanied by the sample Orbx offerings make for a rich flying experience. Yes, it is free, requiring only your interest, effort and time and I have found that successful installation is assured because of the helpful community of msFLIGHTnuts (word officially coined) willing to assist. In my old neighborhood, the first bag was always free. It works. I'm hooked. So I wait impatiently, credit card at the ready for FTX Global to be released with it's subscription service and continual updates. Once one experiences a virtual world of this quality, one must have more.
        Respects, Bob ...


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          I love OZx, just saying.


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            I don't want this to come out as spam, but a situation has arisen with the OZx group. This email was sent out:

            OZx Official Forum Email : Very Important Information, Please Read

            FROM OZx Forum TO You

            FromOZx Forum To XXXXXXX

            Dear XXXXXXX, I realise I asked you in May for a donation towards future bills of OZx and the response was amazing, the money collected from that will be able to pay for addons and the new server as it was needed but, there is a problem. Unfortunately I have lost my well paying job with a major IT company due to outsourcing, I and so many others with me were out on the street in less than 30 minutes on August 7th, 2013. I always have paid the main monthly fee for the high end server OZx runs on out of my own pocket but I cannot afford to do that as of next month, so rather than cutting it fine asking the community to help me out here just before money runs out, I am doing it early so I can guarantee OZx's future. This fee is $310USD and it will be unaffordable for me next month to be able to pay that. Even if you have a few bucks to spare, follow the link below to donate: That link will take you to the which is the site that takes care of all donations for OZx. I feel very awkward asking you for help but as said, to guarantee future operations of OZx it is a necessity. All money will remain in the account for use on OZx bills and costs for future purposes. That way I do not need to worry about OZx while I am looking for a new job Thank you for your attention to this email. If you feel this was a spam attempt, be assured it is not. With warm regards, Jay Kae OZx Admin

            Hopefully this information is helpfull.
            Kind Regards,
            Now this does look sketchy, but has been confirmed as legit.

            You may recognize the name Jay Kae not only as the operator of OZx, but as the main admin for Orbx.

            This is not to deter anyone from donating to Those donations help out our team paying for hosting/connections/servers. So please feel free to donate to us too! Or buy something from Amazon using the store link above. But if you've tried out the fantastic freeware available through OZx, you may want to throw a few bucks to them to help pay their hosting costs and keep it available.
            - Michael
            Check out my cockpit build!


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              New location to download, see top of first post for full information. Making a post to bump it to front page in case anyone was as lost as I was looking for a new copy.


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