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Return of VATSIM Backcountry Short Hops

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  • Return of VATSIM Backcountry Short Hops

    For this flight we'll be doing some back country short hops around some the Idaho mountains on the VATSIM servers. Many of the airports in the area are fairly easy. Some not as much. Altitude, density altitude and grass strips will provide a interesting but not overwhelming challenge for take offs.

    • Resources:

    • Flight Plan: 24K (Krassel USFS ) --> 3U1 (Warren USFS) --> U79 (Chamberlain USFS) --> s90 (Elk City) and finally 05ID (Running Creek Ranch) { Flight Plans for Sims: }
    • Aircraft: Many of the single engine aircraft we ordinarily fly will work for these hops. Stepping out of the comfort zone into a bush style tail dragger might had to the fun of the flight. Plan on airspeeds in the 100 knots indicated range. I'll likely be flying a Super Cub, possibly a C-185.
    • Server Information : Refer to the instructions posted for our initial group flight on VATSIM for information. . In addition to that information, X-Plane users need only enter the appropriate information into XSquawkBox v1.3.3

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    Looking forward to seeing everyone tonight for some back country shenanigans*.

    *The first person to say shenanigans during the flight is going to get it. (Could that be a trivia thing?)


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      Great fun again; thanks Karl! To the best of my recollection "shenanigans" was never uttered, but "hullabaloo" might possibly have come up somewhere along the tour ~


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        Great to see you there, zipply. Perhaps we can make up for not saying shenanigans then by saying it now...

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