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Flying Fantasy Football league End of Year Banquet and Trophy presentation

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  • Flying Fantasy Football league End of Year Banquet and Trophy presentation

    The fantastic inaugural season of the Flying Fantasy League has come to a successful end! The commissioner would like to thank all the good coaches who made it such a pleasure by holding a banquet where the end of year trophies will be presented.

    Here's a rundown of the final 2015 standings:

    1 Valdosta Razor's Edges (9-4) Razor
    2 Denver Dorks (10-3) Storm
    3 Green Bay Porkers (8-5) Loader man Trev
    4 Team Brown (8-5) Warhawk
    5 Turn down for Watt (8-5) LeeHarvey
    6 Aeronautical Nonsense (7-6) Travis
    7 Brisbane Vipers (4-9) Novawing
    8 TUL PkBkr (8-5) Sound
    9 Buffalo Williams (6-7) Coast
    10 Las Vegas Deuce (2-11) Robert Dunn
    11 Ludington LazerGalactic (5-8) Lazerbolt
    12 Team Shepard (3-10) Splithorse

    We will be flying the league champion RAZOR'S EDGES from their home in Valdosta Georgia to a nice little vacation spot in the Bahamas.

    Everyone is invited to join in this celebration flight! Once we get into the air, the coaches will slip off to a private banquet room on teamspeak to conduct league business.

    This flight will take place in fsx-boxed but feel free to fly along in the steam version. If there is enough interest we might fly on the FSD server, and if so please be prepared ahead of time because we won't have time to get people set up.


    Valdosta Regional departure (KVLD)
    Congo Town, Bahamas (MYAK)

    Fly any aircraft you like for this flight. You will need something that can maintain around 260 knots indicated to keep up with the pack.

    Thanks again for making the inaugural Flying Fantasy season such a fun success!

    Hope to see everyone there!
    The Commish (lazerbolt)
    Happy landings,

    Please visit my Onedrive here:

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    *** PLEASE NOTE: This Flight Plan is just an OPTION, and WILL NOT be used by League members. ***

    It's been awhile since I put together a flight plan, but here is my suggested one for this flight. If you like this plan, I will add a downloadable FSX flight to it.

    It takes us over three NFL stadiums, and adds touch-and-go landings at two airports close to each stadium. We need to keep an average airspeed of around 260 to 270 knots, so we will be moving quickly. The runway length of the final airport MYAK is over 5000ft, so choosing an aircarft will be similar to most of Lazur's flights.

    Flight Plan Detail:

    Flight Plan Map:

    Downloadable Flight Plan:

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    "Having fun with friends! "


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      Thanks for the flightplan suggestion Coast, but this is not that kind of flight. Perhaps others will want to take this more hands on flight, but coaches and commissioner will simply be flying direct with no landings, touch n go's, or even any navigation to speak of, much like one of our movie flights. We won't even be in the same channel as everyone else, and there will be no traditional flight lead. This is a banquet, not a traditional flight.

      p.s. and stop calling me Lazur
      Happy landings,

      Please visit my Onedrive here:


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        Originally posted by Lazerbolt View Post
        p.s. and stop calling me Lazur
        Sorry about that Lazer!

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        "Having fun with friends! "


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          I will try to join ....

          I can do Box or FSD



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            Please click on the pics (+F11) for full-size/clarity

            Raymond James Stadium (left), home of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

            Boeing C-97G Stratofreighter

            Looking backward

            Final destination
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              Here are some Pics of a great flight.


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                Here are my late shots from Wednesday night(Picture 19 may be of particular interest).


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