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  • Edds alpine adventures

    Saw the gap of the friday night flight so thought id fill it!

    So welcome to My group flight around the alps
    Yes we have done this before but the reason for this flight is to explore my new scenery pack's released on the msflights forums.
    We will be departing LFLB and taking in some stunning views as we meander through the valleys of the french alps.
    The airports are completly custom built so scenery is required!

    Server-Which ever you prefer i will be flying on either boxed or FSD depending on the groups preference

    Aircraft-I will be flying a small twin prop most likely the default baron 58 and aiming for 180 cruise.

    Scenery-The scenery is required and i have just finished a second addition to the alps airports to include our start and finish locations please download both:
    Alp pack re-do including updated library (please delete the original alp pack if you have one you downloaded before 2016)-
    Alps part 2-

    Flight plan in .pln format-

    I hope you can make it to this flight it will be alot of fun and a challenge for all.
    See you there!

    Side note for boxed server host- Fair weather and daylight over Europe please!

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    I am so looking forward to this after flying the route this past weekend. Since I am on Steam, I prefer FSD but if you do use box, I'll still follow along in TS3.

    For anyone else reading this, if you've never taken off or landed on short sloped runways......get ready for a white knuckle exciting adventure.

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      Hi guys im going to try this flight in fsd lets see how it goes! Feel free to fly along in which ever platform you prefer if you dont have or like fsd. The type code for the baron is BE58. Hope to see you there it will ne a blast!


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        Here are my pictures from the flights(click the picture, or link for a small album)


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          Nearly forgot to post this... My BD-5J trying to find the right valley through the low cloud!
          Click on the pic + F11 for full-size/clarity.

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