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  • Nice Trip through Switzerland

    How's it goin everyone? Well I am planning a group flight for the 2nd day of the New Year. This is my first organized group flight and I am hoping it goes well and the attendance is high! The flight will be out of Lugano, Switzerland (LSZA) and we should arrive at Samedan, Switzerland (LSZS). Now if you look that up, that looks like a really short flight. In reality, I will be extending that flight by adding some interesting waypoints that we will be seeing before we reach our destination! All of the details for the flight will be updated by the end of 2015; which is tomorrow or later today, depending on where you are.

    I very excited about the flight, I put quite a bit of time into this flight to make it entertaining and enjoyable for all who fly with me! Thanks for the patience and stand by for that information!

    - Kevin

    UPDATE: You can view this nice Powerpoint I put together about the route.

    Flight Plan Summary LSZA -> EDNY -> LSZS

    -You can download the plan byClicking Here

    Plan of Travel:
    -We will depart Lugano, Switzerland (LSZA) and fly over Lake Lugano. We will follow the lake to the Northwest where we will go through what I call, the Valley of Sondrio. The end of this journey through the valley will be around the city of Bormio. We will then climb over the mountains (expect some tight maneuvering in order to get to the top of the mountain) where we will travel to the airport Friedrichshafen (EDNY). At this point, I would recommend some stretching and a bathroom break. After about 10-15 min, we will begin our takeoff and work our way to the Alps. That is where the nice site seeing will be. Once we reach our last mountain, we will make our way to our final airport of Samedan, Switzerland (LSZS).

    Little FYI, this flight will take place in 3 countries overall. Switzerland (Main Site), Germany and Italy.

    Preferred Type of Aircraft: Any prop or turboprop aircraft. As long as you can cruise to at least 200 kts if we need to. I myself might be in a Beechcraft Baron 58 or the King Air 350.

    At this moment, flight lead will be conducting this flight on the Boxed FSX Multiplayer Version. I would love it if you can join no matter what version you have whether that be boxed or steam. However, the FSD server is in the air, so standby for that. I'll get you an answer before we actually conduct the flight.

    Extra Information about Flight:
    There are 8 waypoints besides the 3 airports we will travel to.
    WP1- N45 59.83' E8 58.04'
    WP2- N46 8.74' E9 25.23'
    WP3- N46 29.27' E10 21.06'
    WP4- N46 41.95' E8 27.28'
    WP5- N46 32.25' E8 7.56'
    WP6- N46 27.91' E7 59.62'
    WP7- N46 6.10' E7 42.97'
    WP8- N45 56.21 E7 52.02'

    Weather will be updated the day prior and the day of the flight! Be on the lookout for that!

    Thank you and Hope to see you there!

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    Hey marine, unfortunately with the time you have set for the group flight there will not be any staff present at the flight, there is a staff meeting at 7. Just wanted to make you aware, it's up to you if you want to keep it at the same time, or move it back/forward.
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      Okay Razor. Well I can push it to the left that way we can do the group flight and then you all can go straight into your staff meeting. Hopefully around 4:00 PM EST will be a good time.


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        That time change works Kevin. Thanks for putting this together. It looks like an excellent opportunity to fly the Duke!


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