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Friday Night Flights: Continental Voyage [WK 5]

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  • Friday Night Flights: Continental Voyage [WK 5]

    This is the fifth flight in one of the longer flight series that I have hosted. Our main goal for the series is to at least take off and/or land in each of the Continents. The most difficult aspect of this series will be the longer legs between Europe to North America, as well as South America to Antarctica.

    We will be departing from WBGG.
    We remain in the Asian Continent! Remember to use the aircraft you selected for the Asian hops.

    Note: Some airfields along the journey may be ill-suited for handling high performance aircraft - We will make the most of it and consider it a challenge

    Flight Plan:

    Time-zone BreakDown: Friday, December 18th, 2015 at:
    9PM Eastern
    8PM Central
    7PM Mountain
    6PM Pacific

    ::Other Useful information::

    Target Airspeed: [300 kias cruise or higher]
    Average Cruising Altitude: 24,000 FT AGL
    Preferred Aircraft: Light-Jets will be the most appropriate. Something quick, something with a longer range, and something you won't get bored of easily. You must use the same aircraft for the duration of a continent!

    Steam/Boxed/P3D users always welcome. I will be on Steam for all future group flights.

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    My Stratojet Excalibur ready for departure behind flight lead at WSSS Singapore.
    (Please click on the pic + F11 for full size/clarity.)

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      Those are some massive winglets on that aircraft!


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