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  • FSD Server Test

    I will be on for a few hours controlling at EGNR (Nothing too serious).

    If you would like to test the server please have a look at this post for connection details and come join in with your favourite simulator.

    This is a multisimulator server which means the 4 most popular sims (FSX Boxed, FSX Steam, P3D and Xplane) can be used to fly together.

    So if you use FSX and your friend prefers Xplane then you can both fly together.

    The usual Teamspeak 3 server is used for Comms so don't worry about setting up any communications in the pilot clients.

    Although I will be testing the radar client side of things this is not a strict ATC session and ATC do not need to be contacted if you do not want to.
    So please everybody join in if you can.

    I will only be able to control up until around 1500z and I am aware this is fairly early for those in the states, but the server will still be available after this time, so please get together and see if this software is any good.

    There is no real flight plan but if everybody starts at the same place( EGCC would be good) you will be able to see the others.

    A good hop would be EGCC, EGNS, EIDW.
    or if you would like ATC make your departure or destination point EGNR.

    Please also post your experience good or bad in the post above so we know if the server is useful.

    If anybody else would like to control Euroscope works perfectly.
    Ask questions in the post above if you need help setting it up.

    If you don't use BOINC or World Community Grid then you should!

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    100% interest in testing this. Installed and ready to go. 0% interest in ATC! Will try and be there for the last hour or two, i.e. after I've got up and before football starts!

    Thanks for organizing this. :eagerness: I'll make sure the tweet goes out late Saturday afternoon. See you in group flight?
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      Thanks Storm.
      I know it's early for your part of the world, but hopefully it can be carried on throughout the day.

      I will be multitasking whilst controlling as I will also be piloting something around the area.
      If you don't use BOINC or World Community Grid then you should!


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