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2 Legs from Hungry to Turkey

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  • 2 Legs from Hungry to Turkey

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

    This Flight will be self guided (No flight lead)
    I have made this group flight from a little joke.
    If you find you have nothing to do at 9PM Eastern time, Feel free to fly the flight plan!

    You will be Starting at Pápa, Hungry.
    It will take two legs to get to Turkey.
    You will stop near Slobozia, Romania to pick up some noodles!
    Then you will proceed directly to Batman, Turkey.

    Before starting off, let Pápa know what food you are bringing.
    Once you arrive near Slobozia, Watch out for the slobs, they are everywhere!
    And don't bring them with you, they will slobozia all over the food!
    Once you pick up the famous Romania Noodles continue to Batman.
    Once the two legs to Turkey are complete, you can relax at Batman and stuff your face like a Slobozian if you would like!

    (Remember, This flight is SELF GUIDED!)
    Flight Plan: Download PLN HERE

    Aircraft: I suggest jetliner or faster!
    Distance: 1180nm
    Time: 2 hours and 30 Min(approx.) @500 knots ground speed

    Take off at active runway at 9:05 US Eastern time.
    Take a 10 minute break at Romania to pick up noodles
    Try to arrive at Turkey around 11-11:30. (don't worry if you are late)

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    I definitaly will fly it as thanksgiving was in oct for me up in Canada
    Learn from the mistakes of others. You won't live long enough to make all of them yourself!


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      Lions Herkey-Bird
      Victorious in Detroit
      Now hauls Turkey-Bird

      Haiku anyone?

      Happy landings,

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