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TacPack Tuesday - Taiwan Campaigns - Steam Edition

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  • TacPack Tuesday - Taiwan Campaigns - Steam Edition

    We will be using Steam Edition. We will be using the "FSX at War Taiwan Campaigns" for this flight. You can download the Taiwan Campaign package here The instructions to install are with the download. This week we are doing Mission 4.

    SERVER: - tacpack
    Password - msflights

    Please use the sever weather so we are all flying in the same conditions.

    Yonaguni - ROYN

    Anything TacPack enabled.

    Here is a link to purchase the TacPack and Superbug, if you wish to join the fight - From the last man, to the last plane, to the last bullet....WE FIGHT!
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    North America FSX Steam server is currently off line due to a wind storm related power failure affecting Seattle area. FSX Steam Australia server shows as on line with a decent ping. Australia server is available for this flight. BigBox server located in Las Vegas is on line and available for configuration as flight lead AIRWOLF may see fit. I will notify the community when power is restored to NA FSX Steam server. There is no current forecast for a time of power restoration.
    Respects, Bob ...


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      wht server do you guys use that is tacpack enabled i have the super bug and would like to fly with others that have it as well .


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        Typically we shut the msFlights - NA server on Steam and restart it with Tacpack. These tackpak sessions generally use the boxed/classic version of FSX. Though there is at least one person who participates via FSX-Steam (FSX-SE).
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          make that 2 . hope to see more people use this great plane with tacpack


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