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The return of Edd's haggis adventures!

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  • The return of Edd's haggis adventures!

    Flight time- 3pm-5pm Eastern / 8pm-10pm uk Sorry the event thread sometimes confuses timezones.

    Hi Pilots I am glad to announce the return of my Scottish Flights taking in some stunning scenery in a wonderful Aircraft there defiantly not offal.

    Part one will see us Depart from the far north of Shetland and make our way down through Shetland,Across to the fair isle before concluding this weeks flight in Wick. There is some breathtaking sights along the way and some really interesting Airfields.

    The What,Where and When:

    What-We will be flying the wonderful Scottish aviation Twin pioneer that is a great freeware aircraft from Bob Richardson You can Grab it here-

    Where- Scotland of course Shetland to be precise. Scenery recommended is Orbx Scotland but default will be adequate.This is primarily an FSX Boxed flight but I welcome any pilot to fly along in there preferred platform.

    When-Saturday 3pm-5pm eastern/8pm-10pm uk.

    What do i need to fly this flight?

    1.The aircraft -
    2.The flight plan-
    3.Self control as with all group flights.
    4.Willingness to enjoy the flight.
    5. Doughnuts would be appreciated but not compulsory.
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