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Fall/Winter AirShow 2015

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  • Fall/Winter AirShow 2015

    Our last scheduled airshow of the year has arrived!
    This will be roughly a 2 hour event, with each performer allowed 3-4 minutes of any soundtrack (I will need the link from youtube).

    I have bumped this back and will be bumping the thread so people have ample time to practice anything they'd wish to show our community.

    The event itself will be taking place in FSX Steam. This is a merger between Panther and I's plans for the airshow.

    The Airshow will be hosted at Byron Airport (C83)

    Since there will be no Quality Control, if you crash, your performance is concluded!

    You can use the Flight Simulator X Patriots Byron Scenery that includes a centerpoint trailer and several parking spots available

    Updated Version:

    The area around Byron is relatively flat in this scenery, you will see a circle implanted into the the Earth, this circle marks the allowed turning space (show box).

    You will see a large white trailer marking show center, this is the exact center of the crowd line.

    You can also view the setup of the airshow here

    Show Box Pictured Here (Extends 4 miles in all directions from center-point)

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    You do realize you are setting this event 5 days after Edd's largely popular air assault airshow right?


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      Good call! I'll bump this to mid-November.


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        come fly warhawk would be good to see you there!


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          let me know if you need anything warhawk if not ill be there flying.


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            Anyone know the show location?
            If not, may I suggest we do something like the Chicago Air and Water show, like something over the water with spectators on the beach?
            My new name on Discord is "Frost"!


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              2 weeks out from the set date. What's going on with it?


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                @Monarch unfortunately we will want to always have these events in locations with the least about of scenery density. There's usually a lot going on and sometimes people have smoke on so having all of that in the midst of a city skyline would crash some people out. Can't wait for the new simulator -_-

                I have merged this event that's been pushed back 3 times with Panther's for next week Friday. Start to consider what kind of aircraft, performance, and music you will need for the airshow. You can begin youtube linking me your music starting today via private message.

                Should be a good show - I have posted in Panther's outline for the location and general scope. Feel free to PM Panther to get your performance added to the Google Document otherwise you will be called at random after all scheduled performances have concluded.


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                  Is this starting at 8pm EST like the calendar says or 7pm EST like the schedule says?


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                    @kalo I'm dearly sorry... I made a mistake with the schedule... The show will begin at 8PM EST.


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                      Live-stream will be active around 7:15pm at

                      Please make sure that you have a youtube link ready with your preferred music out to me via forum PM or teamspeak PM this evening prior to go-time.


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                        Originally posted by Panther View Post
                        @kalo I'm dearly sorry... I made a mistake with the schedule... The show will begin at 8PM EST.
                        thanks, and np


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                          Tweeted as 8pm earlier this morning, ten hours before the event as usual.
                          Follow our @msflights Twitter feed here for event reminders. Find out more about how our Twitter feed works here. Freeware aircraft and utilities in


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                            @WarHawk it would be great if we stuck to the plan...
                            The Scheduled Performers (Anyone can perform after these)
                            The Twitch Stream


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                              Nice Job guys
                              Learn from the mistakes of others. You won't live long enough to make all of them yourself!


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