Let's look at some new scenery that was recently released.
We will Cross the English Channel from the UK to France.
The flight starts at 9PM Eastern US.

Anything that can maintain ~140 KIAS
I will be in the Piper Seminole (Carenado)

Flight Plan:
EGLC (London City Airport)
-Maritime Greenwich
-Archbishop's Palace Maidstone
-Canteburty Cathedral
-Cliffs of Dover
LFAC (Calais-Dunkerque Airport)
-Citadel of Lille
-Stade Pierre-Mauroy
-Tournai Cathedral
EBCV Chievres AB


Multiplayer Server:
MSFS: East
JoinFS: Global

Optional Configuration:
Time: 5PM Local time
Weather: Live or few clouds
Altitude: Most enjoyable for you.